Saturday, December 13, 2008

the sweat shop is falling behind.

**UPDATE: The sweat shop is back in action! I just posted a new item on Etsy ;)
naner, naner.

I have had enough. This whole "let's share your super long desk Maggie and we can have both our Macs side-by-side" thing is about over. Zack, sigh... I'm not so sure we can do this for much longer. It appears he has been borrowing some of my 30% daily sass allotment. 

Clearly there is one thing wrong with that:
I'm not sure if there will be enough for me once he's done.
He's been using way more than I can handle.

You see, he's been reading my blog, which I've always known, but today has been an exception. 

Just as a visual to all of you, he is sitting next to me as I type right now, just laughing, laughing, laughing away as he reads my blog. He must think I'm funny ;)

He was reading my post about my second Etsy sale and then said,
Have you been sewing young lady? I see you have some things you want to make, and I think you better get on that soon, my little sweat shop girl!

Well, if that wouldn't cause a scrunchy-nose glare to be thrown his way, I'm not sure what would!... ;)

So since my hubbs called me out on the lack of sewing this weekend, I (of course) have two things to share. It is possible one "thing" is funny and the other is super funny. But you can decide for yourself:
  1. Zack was out with some buds last night---  he went out of town to celebrate a friend's college graduation (CONGRATS JORDAN, YOU DID IT!!!), so I spent the evening and this morning doing things I want to do. I was incredibly-edibly busy. Like watching Bridget Jones's Diary and Little Women on TV last night. And knitting. And then I slept in our bed, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, with a huge smile on my face all night long ;) It was great! Then I woke up and vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and did other very tiresome chores ;) The point of this bullet is that he was gone, being one with the boys, I was home doing some very, very, VERY tiring activities. So I'm not sure what he means by sweat shop, I mean, I'm not getting paid or anything for all the work I do ;) I think he really meant: thank you for being super awesome 300% of the time ;)
  2. I found this picture and just about laughed my head off! Go ahead and give yourself a peek. I thought, do I really look like this?!?!?! As if he heard me, Zack said, that is the view of you I see every day. And it made me laugh even harder!!! :) I look like a caricature!!! 
So this is me sans-bangs:

Alright. Time to be serious again. 

Here is another shot of the chair my MIL gave us. It's going to really POP when the couch is recovered in January. 


We're doing it in this shade:
(Please note, this image is similar to the roll of la fabrica that is on our coat closet, but since I can't remember the brand of the fabric, and it's not listed on the  box anywhere, this will have to calm your curiosity. I'm sorry if you don't like it).

PS. Thanks Jo-Ann's for having a 40% off upholstery sale over the summer. I couldn't have done it without you. 

And here is my beloved Nativity Set that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! :)

Thanks for reading. Remember this sweet, sweet face as you dream of my sweat shop-like conditions tonight. Remember to feel bad for me ;)

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