Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{it's time for a little clean-up}

Alright readers. I am working on updating my Etsy shop by making it better. I'm working on really bringing out THE GUSSY STYLE. This means a few things must happen:

1. I need to really {trust me} get my Sweat Shop on
2. Get rid of silly items
3. Update current items
4. Sell the earrings I have listed

Earrings? I thought I worked with my vintage sewing machine?!?! Yes folks, I have earrings on there. They were added light years ago and only a few have sold. It's not my style {unlike my friend, Megan ;)} So they need to be removed, preferably from a sale :) Why not buy a pair of earrings AND a wallet? Gussy on your ears, Gussy in your purse. Sounds like great fun to me ;) Do you agree??? I could also pull together a little somethin' somethin' --say, free shipping-- if you bought a pair of earrings with another item. Do you see how necessary it is for me to have them off my shop? Please help Gussy out and make this as less painful as possible. Ahh, thanks.

Below are some samples of what I'm talkin' about, and I apologize in advance for all the views or the bird's bottom. That was an honest mistake.

If you are interested {please Jesus, make someone interested}, you can get more information by clicking here. Now that I've done my part to accomplish item #4 listed above, I need to work on the rest. I need to sew with such strong passion that I want to keep everything for myself. Actually, that would be weird. But! In all honesty, I need to do just that. Once I sew with my GUSSY style in mind, my Etsy shop will really create a strong name for itself. I need to make a common theme, something that absolutely stands out as GUSSY! Every once in a while I see my Etsy friend, Brooke Marton, on the front page. And EVERY time her listings are posted I just know it is her work! She carries such a sensation with her work, and it's awesome.

I probably spend twenty hours a week browsing the Etsy site. Why in the world would I ever admit that is beyond me. I did, though, and I'm not deleting it. My point is that I have spent many hours studying this new profession of mine {ha ha, it's finally OK to make jokes on this} and I've come to learn that simplicity is best. My Gussy-personality comes through in many areas of my life. I think I can let the Gussy labels speak for myself, rather than filling an item's description with an abundance of words.

Don't you worry, however. I'll make them cute and sassy... I'm just trying to keep the main thing about my work the main thing.

I just updated all the listing titles. Go ahead and take a look... I'll wait :)
Do you see a difference? I feel it adds just a bit of simplicity to my shop. Once I get some of those odds-and-ends out of there I'll feel a little bit better. OK, a whole lot better!!!! Just doing some spring cleaning for my shop! Speaking of spring, it's raining outside like whoa and my sweet hubby just brought me a nearly overflowing cup of delicious cream + coffee to enjoy. So I better get on that. This cup requires two hands ;) Happy Wednesday!!!

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Megs said...

I like the new look Maggie! It's all about simplicity. And I think you are definitely developing your own signature GUSSY style :)

I really want a new banner for my shop, but I don't know that I can without PhotoShop?