Thursday, March 26, 2009

{M is for Melia the Bride}

You might remember {but probably not} that I wrote four posts on March 11. That was a big day for Gussy. Specifically, you might remember {again, but probably not ;)} that I mentioned I'd be making some bridal clutches for my friend, M. when I wrote this post: {this may or may not be my last post of the day.} Well, rest your sweet heart when I say that was my last post of the day. However, morning came soon enough and Gussy was yet again continuing the blog. Today I am revealing some special pictures. And that my friends name is Melia {just in case that was obvious by the post title}. Ok, I am ready to share.

Two weeks ago I posted this picture below. I was going to make 5 custom bridal clutches out of the floral print and then each clutch would have a different color ruffle and inside lining, hence the golden yellow and sky blue solid prints. There are three thousand other details to the clutches, but I'll spare you those details and just move on like a good Gussy would :)

Next we have what is now Stage 2 of production {I sound like I'm giving a presentation}. As you can see, progress has been made. Go! Gussy!

Here is another angle of Stage 2, plus the corner of my iron:

And yet another angle ;)

WHOA! Sweet mother of Mary. A CLUTCH! This is more like Stage 5. I skipped a few... but you don't mind, right? OK, thanks. Note the ruffles, the wristlet handle, et cetera. It is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top/inside view {the lining hasn't been sewn in yet, FYI}:

See the magnetic snap closure? Isn't is amazing? :) I'm so loving these clutches!

The inside lining has a slot for debit/credit cards. I need to sew that in, add a few ADORABLE buttons + 1 charm to the outside ruffled section, and then I think I'm done! One down, four to go! :)

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to hear them! And feel free to pass along my information if you know someone that would be interested in custom bridal clutches!!!


. Becca . said...

I LOVE that yellow ruffle you've been doing!

My makeup bag is kind of big, I could send you a picture of it w/ the dimensions if you want...

I'm not sure which fabric... what are the choices? Like anything you have in the shop, or if I find something I like online, could you use that? Do they have Heather Bailey's fabrics in your fabric store?

Megs said...

that is SWEET! once again, i just love the ruffles. you should definitely add some clutches to your shop! me likey.

Child of God said...

It is so cute!! I would buy it :)

Staci said...

gosh your good!!