Friday, March 27, 2009

{oh no she didn't}

Yesterday afternoon I met my friend Nikki for coffee at Biggby's. While I was paying I slipped one of my business cards on the counter hoping someone would later pick it up, bring it home, and buy out my entire shop. Or, maybe take the time to look at my website? I would have been very content with option #2. A few minutes passed and I was thoroughly enjoying my Mocha Mocha. One of the workers walked around the counter and was tidying things up. She picked up my business card, glanced at it for maybe .008 seconds, and then threw it like a frisbee.


Who does that? Who does that to glossy, rounded-corner business cards?

It took a lot for me to not say, UGH! out loud.
But the great part to this Gussy story is that I don't think Nikki would have minded one bit if I had done that. She just understands that kind of sass.


1 comment:

Nikki said...

I understand the sass because I have the same kind :)