Monday, March 16, 2009

{a post in photos}

{colorful kitchen}

do you see my awesome Collin & Jack calendar? I love my nephews so much.
It is no small thing, when Children who are so fresh from God, love us.

{these guys rock!}
Collin says, I'm growing to be a man!

{a trio of wonderful people}

{friendship palm tree}

{Gussy loves her house plants}

{and her red couch + measuring tape}
PS. Mom, this is yours. Hope you haven't been looking for it...

{The Sweat Shop}
well, part of it ;)

{Mandy, these two pics are for you!}




daniella said...

Your lil place is so charming and cozy! I'd love to come over for some tea and scones :-)

cj3ss said...

so, i was looking at these pictures and i thought, 'why does that guy look so familiar?' then i remembered that i knew your brother. then i laughed.


Nikki said...

I like the photo post idea :-)