Friday, April 17, 2009

{custom order wallet}

I am working on a special order for my friend, Jessica, over at The Adventures of an Airman's Wife. She ordered a GUSSY wallet and bag. Here are some pictures of the wallet. I truly love it and am so excited to mail it to her :) I have blogged before on the importance of making things I love. I can't express how important and true that statement is. There have been times when I've made something three times because I just wasn't satisfied with it the other two tries. It breaks my heart to have to start over, but I know I am soooooo glad I do. Every time I finish something with 100% success it makes my love for sewing grow a thousand times over. I get very clingy to my work sometimes; it's hard to stop, take a break, and work on it in a few hours because I want it to be great on try #1. Most times it only takes one try. When I make a mistake I have to figure out what I did wrong and how to fix it. I don't have someone to show me where I made the error. Maybe that is why I love to sew so much: I taught myself, I learn myself, and I succeed because of myself. It's nice to be proud of something. Make sure you find things in life you are super proud of, okay? :)

So what all that Gussy-ness, here is Jessica's beauty:

Enjoy it Jessica! I'll have it in the mail soon {with your GUSSY bag, of course! ;)}


Nikki said...

i love itttttttt.

designer wallets. i want another!

ZWhit said...

Good one babe. I like when you are happy with your work.

Anonymous said...

ooo lala I love it! I can't wait to see the bag and plus have both of them to myself!!! :) Thank you so much lady. I am glad I went with you instead of trying to find a bag and wallet I like.... it is like you read my mind.