Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ETSY :: expanding my brand}

As I continue to develop the GUSSY brand around my Etsy shop I can't help but get excited over its existence. Not only did I start sewing in November, but I am proud to say I don't work off of a pattern! Did you know that??? I realllly don't like patterns. In fact, I have two sitting at home that are tucked far, far away in a box. They scare me. Because they are mass-produced. And a pattern. Have I mentioned I don't like to use patterns? I want my work to be MY idea 100% of the way. I'm selfish like that. As a side note, I'm working up something amazing. I'll be sure to post the announcement when everything is said and done :) Yippeeee, a surprise!

I read something amazing today. For those of you that love to iron {just like I --honestly-- love to iron}, here is the tip:

from Real Simple, May 2009 --

Removing gunk from the soleplate of an iron can be difficult. With the setting on low, run the iron over a dryer sheet until the residue disappears.

photo courtesy

Now that gets me excited :D

Before you start any assumed thoughts... {please note in your long-term memory bank that I HAVE NEVER IRONED A CLOTHING ITEM}. I use my iron strictly for sewing purposes. Whoopsy. Cat's out of the bag. In fact, I have upgraded my iron THREE times now because it just wasn't good enough for my GUSSY stuff. Thankfully my Rowenta is pulling the line. We're still BFF's.

If you remember {if you remember anything from this blog}, recently I ventured out in public with a pink hat on. However, I am 192% sure I didn't look as cute as the pretty model shown above.

Yup, definitely sure.


Back to my original thoughts on this post...

As I continue to expand the GUSSY brand I have decided to come up with a few styles for my products. For example, I have three types of wallets that I consistently make: a simple wallet, a more detailed wallet, and a coin purse. While spending hours browsing similar Etsy sellers I noticed the most successful shop owners have names for their styles. To translate this into GUSSY talk, and before I continue rambling without connecting the dots {which I love to do}, check out what I have below. It's an example of the latest GUSSY brands you'll find in my Etsy shop :)

Ruffle Gus -- a wallet with ruffles

Charming Gus -- a basic wallet without ruffles

Mini-Gus -- a coin purse

Lovely Gus -- a clutch

Gussy'd Up -- a make-up bag with ruffles

Gussy bag -- a tote

I know I have only just begin to transform the brand into something great. It takes practice -- sewing, sales {what works and what doesn't}, and of course other things that truly escape my blonde mind. In addition to creating styles for my shop I'm going to be creating lots of products within each style. Many Ruffle Gus wallets in a variety of colors and prints. That type of thing. I feel like up until last week I have tried so, so, so hard to come up with something new and unique each time I sew. While that is great, and also pretty difficult to achieve at times, I have come to realize that isn't really practical. A few times I've noticed a little bit of disappointment when I confess to a recent buyer that I just sold another copy of the wallet they bought to someone else.

Their reaction tells it all. It's like talking to a young child. They are honest -- brutally, sometimes -- but it is entirely pure and innocent. It's always good to have someone that will tell you 100% truth 100% of the time.

It isn't that the buyer is upset I made another sale, it's that THEIR wallet is now in the hands of someone else. That is very GUSSY-like, now is it? No.

What I have discovered is the heart of the matter.

Oh, you want to know what that is?

The style I ever-so-recently created is what sells. The fabric selections are the icing on the cake {in my opinion}. So, to be frank, I need to make one copy of a wallet's particular fabric and ruffle selection. I can make multiple wallets of the same style, but not of the same colors, etc.

Because my brain can't handle too much imagination/creative thinking/yada yada. I'm a woman of many talents. I think.

And I don't want to blow a fuse.

Also, a short explanation for why I mentioned above that I want to connect the dots, like, ASAP? Because although Gussy loves to tell stories, they don't always make sense. Or have a real solid point. Or have a point at all, even. Some times. And I'm told that the "best" Gussy stories are the ones that leave you thinking, What was the point...?

I didn't want anyone to think those things while reading this post. Because I'm writing about my Etsy business. And this is serious.

Serious Gus.


Jon and Steph said...

All of your stuff is so darn cute! I am definitely going to check out your Etsy shop! Keep it up girly!

. Becca . said...

Building a business is SO exciting :) I love seeing what you're up to!
Go Gussy Go!

Nikki said...

"...Because although Gussy loves to tell stories, they don't always make sense. Or have a real solid point. Or have a point at all, even. Some times. And I'm told that the "best" Gussy stories are the ones that leave you thinking, What was the point...?" I completely agree. That's how you know it is a Gussy original.

daniella said...

I heart Gussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZWhit said...

I heart Gussy too.