Saturday, April 18, 2009

{this was supposed to be quick but then I had a lot to say}

And, exhale!
I have been soooooooooo busy with sewing AND I LOVE IT!!! I just finished custom order #3. And just three more to go! Wait, soon-to-be four to go :) I'm working on a new order as I type this. I'm going to make this post extra non-Gussy-like brief because I'm mega tired. {Soooooooo tired from my three hour girlfriend date earlier.} Something new I learned: turns out I love to sew with plastic lining. Friday I was on our front porch hand-sewing away in the sunshine :D sooooo amazing!!!

{Maggie, stop typing, soooooooo!}

I had the best day today. Slept in, met up with some AWESOME, AWESOME girl friends for a few hours, came home, enjoyed the breeze blowing in the house :)

Pure bliss!

Side note,
Watermelon Clutch:

Then I packaged up some Etsy orders, organized all my buttons/snaps/Gussy labels {I love to organize}, cooked dinner {Corn Roasted Tilapia with Mango Salsa} and now I'm about to hit the hay! Have I mentioned it was such a gorgeous + great day?!?!?!

I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.

OK, bye bye :)

PS. If you want, follow what I'm up to on Twitter. It mostly has to do with sewing {yawn, JK!}, but every once-in-a-while Gussy has something sassy to say. And you don't want to miss it ;)

PSS. I can't remember.

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{kara} said...

Hi i found you thru Becca on Yellow Lovely Ribbons. I really love your work and I believe we are now following each other on twitter!