Sunday, April 19, 2009

{the rest of Jessica's order}

A few days ago I blogged about Jessica's new wallet that I recently finished sewing and today I'm going to share her new GUSSY bag!

I'll be going to the post office tomorrow to mail Becca's order and Jessica's :)
Thank you for your orders!!!


{the duo, the pair; they're friends}

{pretty floral inside pocket}

{baby got back!}

{folks, that is one comfortable strap ;) }

{GUSSY bag!!!!!}

{cute wallet with an ever cuter mini-magnetic snap}

{red buttons rock}

{so sweet}


Nikki said...

i want another one.

The Nester said...

Just found you and your darling shop.

i'm in love.

marry me? you and your shop both?

The Mrs. said...

yay so excited to get it!!! :)