Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{2 week update: Shredding}

I'd like to quote my mom here.
As she would say when something awesome happened...

Awwwwwww, SNAP!!!

Most of you know that I've been following Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred program for, oh, two weeks now. In just one week I saw some amazing results and was proud to announce that I lost a total of 1 inch from my entire body. {If you haven't tried out this DVD, GO BUY IT!!! It is killer.}

However, another week has sweated by Gus and although I am not enjoying Level 2 as much as I enjoyed Level 1 {Hey, it all can't be fun & games, right? Bummer.}, I have worked super hard. I guess you can say I traded some frequent laughs for frequent exhaustion. But whatever. :)

I promised myself, and Zack, that I would follow through with this. ANYWAYS {Gus, get on track!!!}, I am here to share another amazing update. I'll just get right down to the nitty gritty with you all because I can't quite believe it myself... and I want it published in writing!!!!

In two weeks, this is how my body has changed:

Bust - lost .25"

Waist - lost 1.5" {YES!!!}

Hips - lost .25"

Thigh - the same

Calf - lost .25"
Upper arm - gained .25" {this has gone down .25" since last week}

Total inches lost: 2.25 -- holy amazing! :)

Last week I measured myself and I had lost a total of 1 inch. This week I have lost ANOTHER 1.25"! I truly can't believe it. I want to believe it, because I feel the inches lost, but it seems too good to be true. I'm more than ever excited for our anniversary weekend in two weeks. OK, 12 days to be exact.

This morning -- let me use another quote -- Zack said, Man! You're legs are butt are looking better than ever.

Uhhhhh, ha ha ha. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Gus!!!

C'mon, give me a high-five :)

Happy Tuesday friends :)


Blogalicious Designs said...

good job girl. Im proud of ya!!!

katie + bret said...

Super, Super exciting! What a great hubs for all the good compliments!

amanda said...

DAMN girl, you look goooood. i just decided i am definitely going to buy that tomorrow after work and start it tomorrow night :D that's awesome Maggie!!

amanda said...

hahaha, whoops i did not realize i was signed on to my sister's account (this is Megan :))