Thursday, May 21, 2009

{Farmer's Market Finds}

Summer is sooooo close to hitting here in Michigan. Have you enjoyed beautiful weather yet? I sure hope so. When the weather is lovely it is really hard for me to have a bad day. I mean, some times my mornings are a little rough... but that aside, life is great. The windows are open in my house, the wind chimes are singing me a pretty tune -- the birds are even Gussy-ing. I thought for a quick second today how we'll be moving in a few months. Well, most likely we'll be moving. Our lease is up and right now only God knows what our next adventure as Mr. & Mrs. looks like. I would really like to be closer to our families. If anything, I just want to cut the drive time down. Gussy has a lot to say, and it's hard to me to sit in the car for hours on end just anticipating all the chitter chatter that will happen once we arrive.

Do you have any big summer plans? Right now I'm looking forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary June 7th. My countdown calendar says 17 days to go!!! That is less than three weeks away!!!!!!! Yipp-a-roo. I'm so excited. We're going to the family cottage for a long weekend. My mom offered some family company, but I told her we'd see them on the way back to Ferndale. She is cute :)

There is a really big Farmer's Market nearby us -- I wonder when that opens. I would love to spend some cash on fruits & veggies...

This little pouch would be cute to carry on your next Farmer's Market trip, don't ya think?

What about this wallet? Apples & Pears, yum!

If you are anything like me, you're up-and-at-'em at ohhhhh, 8:21 a.m. I have learned to enjoy running errands at the butt crack of Dawn {hehe, mom!} because not only are stores practically empty, the parking is great! No traffic! Browse a fully-stocked shelf! The employees are still chipper! See, there lots of good reasons to shop early :)

However, sometimes it's a bit chilly out, so you'll need to buy for your little one this super incredibly soft Grape blanket that my mom knit. If it was bigger, and I wouldn't have to explain to people why I have a baby blanket on my bed, I would totally buy it.

And since you're shopping, might as well order a wallet for a friend. She'll love this Ruffle Gus - Cream Garden wallet. She told me.

Nothin' like a little self-promotion, right?
Happy Thursday friends :)

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