Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{30 Day Shred update + more}

Well folks, it's been over one week since I started the 30 Day Shred workout program. Recently, after working out, I feel horrible. My stomach has been the main issue. Initially I thought maybe it was because I ate something bad. However... now I'm starting to wonder if it's because my abs are getting some serious attention??? Maybe??? I hope that is the reason, because I can live with that. And, if that's the case, then my eyes have not been deceivin' me -- things sure are lookin' good :)

Another update is that I have worked out for 8 days straight. I am super proud of myself for that -- because it is a major accomplishment. GO GUS! Ha ha.

A third update would be that after working out we eat dinner... Well, most times. In a perfect world that is what happens. That has caused me to become full pretty fast. By pretty fast I mean half way through my dinner I say, I'm full, and then look at Zack like he should say, Eat three more bites Maggie. But he doesn't. I suppose that is a good thing? Stop when you're full, right?


I'm really having a hard time figuring out when I should advance to Level 2 on the DVD. Do you have suggestions? Experience on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Also... I saw the opening blips {I'm not sure what else to call them} last night and I kind of cringed at a few of the upcoming movements in Levels 2 and 3. They look tough. But then again, so does Jillian :)

Like I mentioned earlier, I have done the Level 1 workout 8 times now. GUSSY IS A PRO. Almost. Sorry... he he. Let me start over. I have done the Level 1 workout 8 times now. Every time I watch it there are a few parts that always make me laugh:

C'mon. Chop, chop, {Jillian is telling the other girls to get up off the floor.}

And the other:
Your neck is not invited to this party.

I'm hoping Zack is getting as much of a kick out of this as I am, because every time she says those funny lines I seriously laugh out loud. And, {of course there is more to say} at the end of the workout Jillian says something like, Great job! That's it for Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. And every time Gussy says, Thanks! I figure what better time to talk to myself when someone is "talking" to me, right? :)

OK, it's now time for a numeric update.
The part you've been waiting for this entire time, but didn't realize it until now.

In one week this is how my body has changed:

Bust - lost .25"
Waist - lost .5"
Hips - the same {I thought they went down but I guess the tape measure lied. DANG!}
Thigh - the same
Calf - lost .25"
Upper arm - gained .5" {yikes!}

Total inches lost: 1 -- yippee!

I suppose seeing an improvement in 4 of 6 areas is good, right? I'm trying not to expect too much too soon. Jillian has me all excited with this lost 20 lbs. in 30 days thing. I'd just be happy with 20 inches lost combined! Ha! That'd be somethin'!

Gus whats to know: What types of changes have you made this week?

PS. Zack recently told me, Maggs, that jacket is looking big on you. It's not so filled out anymore.

And to correct any possible damage to my self-esteem/hurt feelings he said, But don't worry. It's still full of sass.

Oh good! Whew!

Awww... my man knows me so well ;) ha ha!!! I secretly think Zack prefers the 30%/70% ratio because let's be honest... it makes life more fun. I mean, what other wife can be witty in a flash all the while sporting a cute smile? Not too many people! Maybe that is you? If so, I'm glad you're here. Sooooo glad.

Another thing Zack told me recently was that once the 30 Day Shred was over I could buy 2 new pairs of pants, 2 new shirts, and 1 new dress. That is great, because all I need are two outfits for the week. Just because I work at home and are most often glued to my sewing machine, I do go out in public on a daily basis! He has good intentions though :)

PSS. I didn't really think this post out in advance which is why I keep saying, And, and Also, and Another. Things just keep coming to mind.

Gussy has a lot to say.

Have you been to my Etsy shop recently? Have you seen I am up to 70 sales?! That is so incredible. Although it is late in the day, no appropriate word comes to mind to show off how grateful I am for this recent... umm... recent change in my career? Is career the right word? I suppose I'd say so. I mean, it is paying the bills, and I am so happy, and I am incorporating my two majors into my life ON A DAILY BASIS! :) I remember just a short while back when I was at four sales. Man, that seems like light years ago. OK, fine, it was January 15th.

Who knew back then that Zack's invention of The Sweat Shop would become an appropriate statement?

Clearly my hand is not raised.

Who has time to raise an arm when there is ironing and zipper-sewing to do?


Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness for the update. I checked the mailbox yesterday - no Shred. Today is probably the day and I'm scared Jillian will Kick. My. Butt! (But, I know it is in a good way) Wonder why your stomach hurts though - guess it is Jillian kicking, not your butt, but your stomach.

Really cute new wallet. I would love to link you to my blog so people who actually have money could visit you. Like a shout out with a link! Would that be okay?

katie + bret said...

I only did Level 1 for a day then went to level 2 but I had already been working out a lot. I know a lot of people who do each level for 10 days to total their 30. That might be a good plan. Great job on the lost inch!

Staci said...

I say wait until you have mastered the first want to be doing it full out so that you are getting the max out of it. I JUST moved to level 2 yesterday....and im dying...:) good goin sister, and thanks for the encouragement!!