Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{30 Day Shred UPDATE-A-ROO}

Morning, friends!

Last night I finished Day 18 of 30 Day Shred. Many miracles have happened since I started -- three weeks ago -- but Gussy is going to try pretty hard and keep her cool.

AWW, what the heck. This is a blog for sewing, Gussy stories, and EXCITEMENT!

I have a few funny things to share. First of all, I never knew my entire body could break out into a ridiculous sweat at one moment. I mean, my body has really become a united force these last few weeks. Everything is working in sync. Every part is friends. Again. The world continues to spin 'round. The second thing I learned, since starting Level 3 last night, is that Level 3 is really not for fun & games. Level 1 rocked my evening. I loved it. Jillian and I laughed every minute. That is 20 laughs, if you're new to this workout/blog. Level 2 I laughed only a few times. I was disappointed, to say the least.

OK, fine, I was angry a few times.

However, since starting Level 3 I have realized immediately that there just isn't time for a laugh. While Gussy is trying SO HARD to stay coordinated, my body is trying to catch a breath. Or fifteen. {Gussy is the brain/mouth of me, my body is the rest of me. Just to clarify.}



Oh shoot, I just recalled the one {and only} moment in the workout where I laughed. Jillian wasn't holding her weights where she should have been {Gussy is pretty observatious. And I just made that word up.} So, I called her out. Of course I was talking to myself/the TV, but immediately after I spoke she laughed. I just know she heard me ;)

What point is next?

Three or four. Let's assume I'm on point three.

Thirdly, the 30 Day Shred program is, and correct me if I'm wrong, the second time in my life where I've had to shut my mouth for a predetermined time period. In fact, Level 3 has actually silenced all sass. It is just too hard to do anything but sweat like a beast.

I wrote about the first time back in January when Zack's out-of-town family just left our house:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
"I'm taking that as a very nice way of saying, Thanks for visiting guys, because my wife put the Sass in the closet for four whole days and it was like a breath of fresh..."

What I'm trying to say is that Shredding has allowed -- err, forced -- Gussy to NOT be a Gussy. I'm sure there is someone in this house that has appreciated the silence. Zack?... Yes?

I remember many times as a child being in the van, about to go on a lengthy car ride, and before we even left the driveway my Dad would say, OK, Maggie, no talking until we get home.

Ahh, it was so difficult!!! :) And while I'm sure he was joking {because the LORD knows I can't be silent for more than 10 minutes}, I'm sure there was a small, maybe 70%, part of him that truly wished for some silence. And now I'm sure he misses it since I'm married and out of the house :(

I believe it's now time for some stats. That is statistics, for short.

Since last week...

Bust 38 - lost 1.0"
Waist 31.75 - lost 1.25"
Hips 38.75 - lost .75"
Thigh 23.75 - gained .25"
Calf 15.25 - lost .25"
Upper 11.75 - gained .50"

total lost: 3.25"

So. Incredibly. Awesome.

If you have not bought 30 Day Shred yet, and want to lose some serious inches, please, please buy it. It retails on her website for $9.99 -- such a steal! And, I hear Target sells it. If only I've been to Target lately I could confirm this for real. Sigh...

As a side note: I'm already dreaming up another contest in which you can win BIG in my Etsy shop...

PS. I'll post the 20% off winner SOON! :)


Lori said...

Ok, I am on my way down to do day two of the shread! I HURT but I will keep on!!! Good to hear your success and encouragement!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the undate! Sorry you lose your sass for 20 minutes a day, but those awesome results are worth it, I would imagine!

And I love that you clarified that "stats" is short for statistics! HAhaha

daniella said...

Gus, Gus, Gus. You do tend to make my day and make me laugh. You'll be glad to know that I have a Gus of my own, who at 21 months cannot shut up to save her life.

Those stats are amazing! You are the sole reason I'm going to be inspired to do some shredding after Davey makes his debut. I know I'm pregnant, but I think it's absolutely ridiculous that I can't even take Charlie on a stroll without feeling like I need to call the paramedics for some oxygen.

Good to catch up with you!

We are getting married! said...

Target DOES sell it...
Online it is on sale for $8.99 right now.
But if you go to the store, it is $14.98, and they don't care about the online price!

What size weights do you use?