Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{And the winner is...}

Crafter's Guru has Gus as a featured guest writer today! Head on over to Mary's blog and check out the article :) pretty sweeeeeet :)


For maybe the eighth time ever, Gus is speechless! I just finished reading through the entries for my very first contest. You know, the ONLY contest I've done where the winner receives 20% off ANYTHING in my Etsy shop?

Yeah, that one ;)

I can't believe I received over 30 suggestions for my new Work/Laptop bags. Ahh! Amazing :) Thank you to everyone who submitted their thoughts. I loved them all!!!!!!!

Here are some of my favs. {short for favorites, right Meg?!} :)

Whistle While You Gus
The 9 to 5 Gus
9-5 Gus
Work It Gus!
Gus on the Go
The Daily Gus
Project Gus

I know you are all just itching to know who is the winner.


Gus likes to be fair + fun, so I have decided to offer two runner up discounts.

The winner of the 20% discount is Nikki from White Noise.
She suggested Gus for Work! I picked it because it sounds sassy, but serious. The perfect combo for work :)

Other big winners:

Sarah from Pocket Sized Peeks suggested Productive Gus. WOOT! Congrats Sarah, you'll receive 15% off anything in my shop!

Meg, from Sunshinemeg, had many, many great suggestions, so I'll award her with 10% off anything in my shop :)

So, Nikki, Sarah, and Meg -- to receive your discount simply check-out your Etsy order as usual and I'll refund your percentage off via PayPal. Remember the sale includes anything in my shop {shipping charges excluded}. Happy shopping! :)

It's getting late in the morning... It's time to start up the Sweat Shop. Happy Tuesday everyone :)


Nikki said...

This Gus is excited to buy my very own GUS FOR WORK! It will definitely put some SASS in my step as I start my new job in MINNIE! But I will miss a Gussy :( But I will have a Gussy on my shoulder at all times and promise that I will make everyone WANT THEIR OWN GUSSY!

ramble...ramble.. obvi we haven't had a gussy date in awhile.... i have so much to say !

Elizabeth James said...

yay!!! awesome!!

I'm so excited...now...just have to decide what to get. :) That is the real tough part.

Anonymous said...

Short for favorites, Gus! Haahah