Monday, June 1, 2009

{contest ends TONIGHT!}

Hello, hello :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Gussy and hubbs sure did... but now isn't the time for personal talk ;)

It's time for Etsy + Gussy talk...

Some of you have already entered my first contest in which the winner will receive 20% off any order in my Etsy shop. But, I assume some of you haven't entered because you didn't know I was having a contest.

My bad! :(

Here's the nitty gritty:

I've made a few work/laptop bags and I need to give them a name.

I'd like them to mesh well with my other items, like the Ruffle Gus wallet, Lovely Gus clutch, and Gussy'd Up make-up bags. You can enter the contest as many times as you'd like. I'll pick one winner by Midnight tonight!

You have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to enter.

How do you enter?

Visit this link and post a comment.

This is Gussy's first ever contest -- and I'd say the 20% discount is pretty sweet. Imagine all the money you'd save if you won?!?!


My friend Sarah is about 11 days away from her baby's due date. I can't wait to meet little Eloise :) She has the cutest nursery ever!!! Along with Eloise being born, there are many other mama's I know who are due soon. In celebration with the baby season, Gussy is making some really cute waterproof diaper bag pouches. They are very similar to the waterproof make-up bag pouches, but different. They are so different... because they have a different name :)

So that is something to stay tuned for.


My friend C. is visiting this afternoon. Once we're done talking, I'll take to her the airport. She's going on a fun trip to visit her sister that lives many, many, many states away. Hope she makes her flight... ;)


Ohhh, Twitter. You are so popular you were over capacity this weekend.

Poor thing :)


Tomorrow is another 30 Day Shred update...

I'M SO EXCITED TO FIGURE OUT MY RESULTS THAT I WANT TO MEASURE MYSELF RIGHT NOW!!! But, it's not Measure Gussy time. It's Sweat Shop time.

Bye, bye, bye

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Anonymous said...

You have a good day too Gus in your little sweat shop! And no, I did not have to just spell check and make sure I wasn't calling it a "sweet" shop, but I guess it could be both the sweet shop and the sweat shop...

blabbering away over here = )