Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{get away, camera!}

If you're a regular reader it's possible you're feeling awfully confused on what I'm trying to accomplish with all these new picture listings.

Are you confused?

Let Gus explain...

See the pictures that have a neutral-colored pillow and an item on an angle to the right?
All those are new!

NEW, my friend!!!

Why are they new?, you ask.

Because my shop had just TOO MUCH going on. GUSSY wasn't center stage anymore. Colored pillows and my orange painted walls were dominating the GUSSY label.



Now, for some stats {short for statistics}:

That is approximately 21 UPDATED listings.
And approximately 105 new pictures.

My big, blue eyes are tired.
So tired.

I just sneezed and bit my tongue... the seventh, maybe eighth, way to get Gussy quiet ;)




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