Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{Happy Gus}

So many things to GUSSY about!

Over the weekend, Zack and I drove to Grand Rapids and visited with my family. On Saturday we took my nephew, Collin, to the zoo. We all had a blast! It was a beautiful and hot day. I love this little boy as if he is my own. I have more hours logged with this little guy when he was an infant. It is sad some times because he's obviously older now, and I don't see him as much, but now we have real conversations on the phone, and he hugs me back, and we play on the swings, and he tells me, Thank you, Aunt Maggie! And so my heart melts even more over him. I love it.

Together, we have spent so many fun times. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He makes my life so rich. Collin is spunky, sweet, and mischievous. I love him dearly.

Check out the double Thumbs Up from Collin :)

Collin tells me the cutest things when we talk on the telephone. I notice when he gets really excited over something he raises his eyebrows when he talks. I LOVE IT!!! One time, he kept making me laugh and finally he said, I'm just so funny!

Oh, yes, sweet Collin, you are funny :)

He likes to call Zack "Uncle Pony". It's so adorable to hear him say that to Zack.

Something super rewarding about being an Aunt is that I get to excite Collin by planning fun things. Zack and I have taken him to Chuck E. Cheese, The Grand Rapid's Children's Museum {a few times}, and now the Zoo.

Sunday afternoon I told Collin to think of a place he'd like to visit next. It didn't take long for me to realize he thought we were going that night. He started to cry when he realized he had to wait until we were in town again. And seeing him cry made me absolutely lose it. I hate being away from my nephews. I have such a special bond with Collin. Collin and his little brother, Jack, mean so much to me. I know in time, as Jack gets older, I'll have that same close bond.

On Sunday, I cried because I felt like I was letting Collin down, when all I wanted to do was excite him for our next visit to Grand Rapids. He gives the best hugs for a 4-year-old. He let me kiss his dusted-with-adventure cheeks all weekend. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

Here I am, reviewing our pictures from the zoo, and I'm starting to cry again. Collin and Jack have so many wonderful people in their lives. We are building incredible memories together -- they have already imprinted themselves on my heart. I am doubly blessed :)

By now, Collin was a pro at giving the Thumbs Up sign.

While adventuring through the Zoo we saw signs for Camel rides. Naturally, Collin was excited. Naturally, when it was time to get on the Camel, Collin stood his chubby legs stiff and wouldn't get on. Naturally, Aunt Maggie took his place. But... what is great about this story {I swear there is a point! :) } is that once I was on I learned the Camel's name: SASSY!!!

How's that for some fun?!?!??!?!?!? I loved it! I was shrieking with excitement. So here's Gussy with Sassy the Camel:

Right before Zack snapped this picture Collin told me with sheer excitement: I'M TALLER THAN YOU.

Yes, child, you are ;)

Collin was a rock star at the zoo so we treated him to Superman ice-cream! When it was our turn to order the lady asked for our requests and Collin politely said, I'd like Superman in a cup, please! This little man knows what he likes :)


The previous weekend, Zack and I traveled to Petoskey to visit his family. We were able to stay a few extra days, given our special, I mean current, situation with jobs. WOO HOO! Fun for us! :)

Tiffany - my sis-in-law, and Gussy:


We are also making some serious progress with our vehicles. My Saturn VUE is getting fixed!!!!!!! I'm happy as a chatterbox GUS!!! So happy! We also have two other vehicles to pick from for our second car. YEAH! Progress is awesome!!! We are currently battling a handful of uncertainties {location, jobs, etc.} and it is a large load-off to have our car situation settled. Happy Gus :)

However, one thing is certain: All praise goes to the man Upstairs.



Jon and Steph said...

Awe, he is just precious! I know exactly how you feel about not feeling like you get to spend enough time with your nephews! I have three nieces and two nephews and being over here, I feel robbed not being able to see them grow up. It will be one year that I haven't seen them in August. It's heartbreaking. Enjoy every little second with that adorable guy ;)

ZWhit said...

You rock, maggs. That boy is pretty darn lucky. You're a pretty amazing aunt.

Anonymous said...

He is too cute! Love going to the zoo! Happy week Gussy!