Wednesday, June 24, 2009

{our first anniversary: 06.07.09}

Our first wedding anniversary trip {married 06.07.08} started out with an adventurous drive to the family cottage. We wanted to save money but still do something we've never done before, which is stay at the cottage without parents -- or anyone else, for that matter. After hearing Z lost his job just an hour before we left we were more than ready to get out of town for a few days.

More than ready.

We spent four days in a town North of Grand Rapids. We had campfires, ate hot dogs over the fire, and enjoyed Root Beer Floats. We had fancy dinners were we devoured catfish, lobster and steak. We drank beer {responsibly}, enjoyed White Russians, slept in, played Monopoly, watched four movies, and went to the drive-in for ice-cream. We went to Pizza Hut, took lots of pictures, and swung on the deck glider. It was amazing :)

There was horrible, horrible rain and thunder/lightning the night of our wedding. Well, it was horrible for our guests. We loved it! The wedding reception was actually cut short because the basement of the country club was flooding. Yikes! Obviously God was super excited we were married, so he made a little extra noise up in Heaven ;D Obviously.

I thought it was pretty sweet. I have never seen lightening like that before. So, to keep the tradition going, the night of our first anniversary came with the same hard, loud rain and thunder. It was pretty humorous. I think it would be amazing if that happened every year. Nothing like going out with a bang!

I have no clue what I'm doing here.

This was Zack's favorite coffee mug. Please note the ridiculously large cereal bowl. His poor spoon can't even keep up with the bowl. Ugh.

Do you see my red barrette? It's really a headband, but Zack insists on calling them barrettes. Whatev.

Here's Zack, driving us into town. We rented lots of movies, went out to dinner, and got ice-cream. Since the weather was overcast or rainy for most of our trip we had a lot of time for movies. We watched You, Me & Dupree {always a fav!}, Last Chance Harvey, Finding Nemo, and Doubt. We loved them all! Doubt was especially good.

Here's Zack, sharing with me his future excitement over renting Last Chance Harvey. He's so excited he let out a shriek!

Here is me! Showing off a little sass, of course. But... what this picture doesn't show is Zack telling me, OK, now show some sass. He said that to me, I promise! :)

We love going to the cottage, especially because this is where we got engaged, just over 3 years ago during my birthday weekend! Lots of wonderful memories there :)

Zack + Gussy = L-O-V-E

Reenacting our engagement <3

YEAAHHHHHH -- 1 year of marriage :)

The beautiful view we enjoyed for 4 days.

I look so pitiful here! Clearly you can see I'm missing my sewing machine.
Poor Gussy...

I shouldn't admit to this, but I'm going to. We played Monopoly and I lost, and I was a poor sport about it :( Whoops. BUT AT LEAST I WAS THE IRON, RIGHT? ha ha. We both love Monopoly.

This particular game rocks because it is from, like, the 60's. It's super old and therefore THE BEST!

It was soooooo, sooo, so nice to be away for the weekend.

LOL! Zack insisted on carrying the camera on his belt. Of course I let him.

Driving in to down to devour some Pizza Hut pizza! YEAH!

We don't get to see views like this living in Detroit. Ya know, because it's the city.

Are you yawning? Letting out a whoop? Hmm...

Red barrette + purple sunglasses. Yo.

Zack made some rockin' fires during our stay at the cottage. I kept telling him to put more wood on. He would look at me like, WHY? And I just said, Because no one is here to tell us no!!!!!!! Oh, Gussy... :)


I'm sure I'll get in trouble for this pic:
XOXO honey ;D


Katie said...

such cute pictures! Happy Anniversary!!

Kimberly said...

you guys are just too cute.

jlc said...


aw u two are too cute playing monopoly with each other!! the love is bursting out of every photo!

Trish said...

Lol! Oh wow! By the end of your post I was laughing! Thank you so much :) You two are an adorable couple and you look like you get along great. Having fun and laughing together! That is what it is all about.


Jon and Steph said...

Precious! Happy Anniversary... I loved all of your pictures ;)

alyssa said...

cute blog! great pics! and i love your etsy shop!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so great. You are too cute and Zach's smile is awesome. Looks like the best first anniversary ever. So happy for you two!

ZWhit said...

Fun post, babe. Fun weekend with a fun girl... and a campfire buttcrack. RAWK.