Friday, June 5, 2009

{Luv me some ETSY!}

Gus has spent countless hours searching and scouring Etsy for new and fun things to dream of buying. OK, maybe I spent like an hour or two.
Hey, I got distracted! While you're reading this I'll be sewing away in the Sweat Shop... and dreaming of our getaway weekend trip that starts TONIGHT! :) Yippeeeeee, happy one year to me and Zacky :)


Have you ever heard of a Terrarium?
It's basically a Vivarium.
I know, that so explains it.

In a nutshell {or glass globe ;)}, a Terrarium is a glass enclosure for growing moss. Or other animals.

Like this:

The Condor Egg Moss Terrarium


Apparently you just add a drop of water, like once a year, and they grow.
Perfect! :)

The Introduction Moss Terrarium


If I bought this one, I'd certainly have to buy that coral wall. It is beautiful!!!

moss terrarium No. 124


Gus Loves Bangles!
Anything to help make a Gussified statement.
Did ya know?

Mum's Flowers Bangle


Gus also loves artwork. Just decided.
These super cute painted squares would be great as a wall collage, a small cluster to bright up a room. Not like we need any brightening-up in our house...

bird in a box

sing me a song

birds on a wire

birds on a wire
, 2

are you my mother?

Hopefully, one day, I'll have a 'lil girl Gus and she can have this in her bedroom

cupcake framed


Dream Laugh Love Birdie Magnet


That was super fun. But now it's time to sew. Someone has to do it...


Anonymous said...

Oh Gus, we do have a lot in common. I, too, am a bangle lover! Homemade bangles are even better. I also like bagels which the word bangles remind me of, but not onion ones. Must get work done and stop all this babbling. Happy Friday new friend.

katie + bret said...

I love Etsy - I just bought a vintage Peter Pan book yesterday!