Thursday, June 18, 2009

{you better sit down for this one.}

Did you know...


Gussy loves colorful, textured buttons?


She loves to shop for them,


WARNING: Gussy has a lot to say. And show.

Last night I successfully completed the 30 Day Shred program. My final thoughts? It is an amazing program and each week I continued much success with losing inches. At week 3 I had lost 3.25". I couldn't complain. I measured myself a week ago and was down an inch or so. Muscle mass. UGH ;D I have yet to do a final measure. Maybe in the morning? That would be good. I need to keep a solid record of stats.

Ya know, statistics.

The main reason why I love Shredding is because it keeps my body feeling good. Personally, I don't think I'm seeing the results I'd like to, but I know that I at least feel way, way, waaaaaaaay better. I will continue to do level 2 and level 3, switching back and forth. I also think I'm going to do the unthinkable: running. Eww.

I just had a little shiver thinking about it. I feel like my muscles + lungs can handle that now.
We'll see.

Last night I believe God was giving Gussy a little bit of humor. I knew it was Day 30 and deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down in my heart there was an itty-bitty part of me that didn't want to Shred. However, two seconds into the workout my little cousin came over and she decided it would be fun to sit on the couch and watch. Apparently watching someone experience pure agony is fun? Still not sure on that one.

So, as I was Shredding, 'lil cuz kept saying:

Wow, that looks easy.

That looks fun.

That looks hard.

I can't do that. Mmmmm.

Then, she decided it was time to join me in the fun. I believe I was doing rock star jumps {where you stand tall and have to jump off the ground as powerful as possible and essentially kick yourself in the derriere} and again, she spoke.

Those look easy. But it looks like you're having a hard time.

Umm, yes, sweet child. That is correct.

One clue could be that I wasn't even able to respond to her. Again, she joined in the workout. As a quick side-note, I don't believe 7-year-olds should Shred. I'd also like to say that 23-year-olds shouldn't Shred, but... I can't. Dang.

Back to my story. We were rock star jumping and 'lil cuz starting saying, Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! in between jumps. All the while I thought, That is an interesting word to use. I've never, ever once in 30 days thought to use the word fun. Clue #1 as to knowing I'd never use that word while Shredding was when Jillian said, Chop Chop to me.


Actually, I really wanted 'lil cuz to explain to me which part was "fun", but again, there was no time for talking.

I hate doing things that don't let me talk.
Poor Gussy.

Only the LORD knows how I was able to complete the program. But, that is old news by now.

I completed 30 Day Shred!!!


Topic change.

Today, my friends, was a super successful day in the land of the Sweat Shop.

Go ahead, look at what I made:

See? So successful. I got really far on 9 wallets & coin purses.

And I have 2 wallets almost done.

They need magnetic snaps, a button, and then to be sewn up.

I went to show Zack my work and he told me that it was officially time to start selling GUSSY door-to-door.

He said that with my ability to whip 'em out we needed to come up with a bigger plan.

Oh, OK.

I hope he meant HE would be selling them door-to-door. Suddenly I find myself so extremely busy that I just can't be found outside the home. Have pity on me, OK?


Earlier today, at the post office, a clerk asked if I had any employees. I laughed, but that was after I realized she was serious. I told her that I didn't, that I'm a control freak and I like to do everything myself.

Except hard, laborious work. Like selling door-to-door, of course.

Or, like mowing the lawn, grilling, and killing spiders.

Last topic change.

I had a sale the other day. I asked the buyer how she found my Etsy shop and she told me she looked under Shop Local.
Yeahhhhh! Did you know that feature was available? I love that about Etsy! Go ahead, type in your home town. I'll wait ;)

See ya around town, Sassy Floral Wallet.


daniella said...

Mama D has something to say:

You can jog your little booty off all you want, but I don't think you should go back to The Shred for another year. Your body has already plateau'd and doing it is pretty much like sitting on the couch eating Doritos. I say you get a Pilates DVD. Yes, I just said PILATES. I have many to reccomend, but you can go to Amazon and get one based on the reviews you like best. Let me tell ya girl, it will change your life. It builds your core like no other exercise, giving you lean muscle that lasts FOREVER. I got my 6-pack back AFTER giving birth and I barely did anything. Why? Because my body remembered the hard work.

Oh, and I too heart buttons. Can't wait to see how you'll encorporate them!

Megs said...

loved reading this post :) the story about your niece was too cute; it made me giggle. CONGRATS on finishing 30-day shred!!! that's a great accomplishment. hope i can get there! i've taken a couple days off lately cause I've been so sore :/

thanks for inspiring me to do it in the first place!! it looks like you've gotten a whole lot of people hooked!

Anonymous said...

YEah!!!! My friend Gus did THE Shred everybody! WHooop whoop! So proud of you! You stuck to it and made it happen. Rock on Mags!

. Becca . said...

Go Gussy Go! Nice job shredding :) I love buttons too. Yay!

ZWhit said...

Turns out I love mowing, grilling and killing spiders. If you're not into digging, playing video games, or building things out of wood, it just so happens that I like those things too.

Don't worry, Gussy, Mr. Whitley will take care of the things you don't like. ;)