Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{coming soon...}

Just a heads up:
I'll be listing on Etsy the two floral ruffled zipped pouches I teased you with on Saturday's post. Please stay tuned :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Tuesday Maggie. I can't wait to see where your giveaway ends.

My clutch is so perfect. I mean the size holds my wallet, phone, keys, and camera like magic.I have noticed other clutches, I have trouble throwing the camera in there too. They don't allow for much.

The thing about a clutch is - that is my preferred weapon of choice for a night on the town. Not bulky like a purse. But if it is a night on the town - that means the camera has to come, you know?

Really great design on your part. Well thought out. I am so very happy with your product.

That is my review of it.

Plus the wallet is perfect for my ID and a debit card when Gregorio's got the keys and we just running out.

I'm talking to much... but you understand.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say we "are" just running out...