Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{I have an announcement to make...}

My goodness, my goodness! You sure know how to make Gussy happy!!! As I read over the final tally of my second giveaway, I'm amazed. And it's awesome. The final tally is 72%-off. Can you believe it?


That is by far my largest number of comments. Guess I know what to do next time I want people to comment ;) This is spectacular. Fabulous. Awe-inspiring. I'm loving it.

Way to go, friends. WAY. TO. GO!

Oh. You want to know the winner?

Oh, of course ;)

Please join me in congratulating Headbands & Hand Bags for winning the grand prize: 72%-off one item from my Etsy shop! Sooooo exciting.

HB&HB, please e-mail me so we can discuss your prize :)

Now, before you leave because you're sad you didn't won, remember this: you did win! All persons that commented on the giveaway receive free shipping on any one item from my shop. Remember? No?

OK, I wrote it here.

Here is a picture of what I wrote, for extra emphasis on the excitement of the extra element on the giveaway.


Who knows.

But, do you remember now? OK, great :)

So. All you commenters have 10 days to decide if you too want to be a winner. Please be sure to message me at checkout that you commented on the giveaway and are claiming the free shipping prize. Because I'll need help remembering all 72 user names!!! :)

Remember, you can always e-mail Gussy.


One more thing: Be sure to scope out EverythingEtsy.com on Wednesday for a chance to win this Green Garden wallet:


One more thing, again: It was really wonderful reading comments left by former high school and college friends. It's amazing what Facebook and Twitter can do these days in terms of advertisement tools.

I so appreciate the time you all took, whether I went to school with you or not, to comment on this giveaway. You all get a great big hug! :)


Oh wait, I have another thing to say. It's important, I promise...

Two new zipped pouches are listed in my etsy shop: teal and pink.

BYE! :)


Nikki said...

I <4 you.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Yeah! That is my first giveaway win! I can't wait to get shopping! Thank you so much! I will e-mail you right away!