Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{Hello, Minneapolis, I'm GUSSY!}

I posted this video a few months back. I'm here to share it again. The composition is so truly beautiful, it gives Gussy goosebumps. I love to listen to it.

I hope your day, your entire day, is so very relaxing and where ever you are you are able to take a few minutes to breathe in and breathe out. Meditate and reflect on your life. I know for some of you, you aren't able to think much past today. Hello, that is my life. Only God knows the plans He carries for me and Zack. We are taking strong efforts to move to Minneapolis soon.


It is hard to write that.

I joked with Zack today that we could move to Grand Rapids, MN, and then I could say I lived in Grand Rapids, MI and Grand Rapids, MN. I tried to find a little humor in it. Potentially moving that far is going to be difficult. I need to remember it's just an adventure. An adventure God already has planned for us.

We have tried, oh-so desperately, to stay in Michigan. We are open to staying if we can find fabulous jobs.

Back to the song.

Isn't it lovely?

It makes me feel so relaxed to listen to it. I would like more relaxing in my life and less stressing, thankyouverymuch! ;)

So what is new with you all? I know I have new readers. Most of you haven't commented yet, and I invite you to introduce yourself to me. Comments or e-mails are always welcome.

Maybe you are a little intimated to comment... feeling a little shy... feeling like I should go first?


Hello, my name is Gussy. I'm young {a baby, actually! Thanks Nester ;) }, and I'm a newlywed. I love my family dearly. I like to talk, duhhhhh, and I like to sew. Make that love to sew. I started an Etsy shop in November and by February I was sewing full-time as my previous full-time job disintegrated right before my eyes. Since February I've been relying very heavily on Etsy to keep things moving forward. It was pretty scary. Then, in July, I hit 100 sales. HOORAY!

Rewind: I have an older brother, two adorable nephews, and a set of parents that have been married for over 30 years.

Fast-forward: I met my husband just over 5 years ago at Central Michigan University. We were both freshmen and were head-over-heels in love. College sweethearts, they say. We dated for 2 years, were engaged for 2 years, and we married June 7th, 2008.

Now, Zack and I are preparing to move to Minneapolis. Do you think Minne is ready for Gussy? Hmmm... I sure hope so...

Alright. That's my story, now tell me yours ;)

Two things before I stop typing:

1. -- be sure to enter in the GUSSY giveaway!

2. Don't forget to take advantage of free shipping. Everyone that commented on my last giveaway is eligible. Offer is good through Thursday, August 6.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to worry about me being shy to comment. Good morning Gus! What big news you have for us today. What ever is in Minneapolis?! I think you are looking at the "adventure" in a very positive way. Tell me more!

LOVE the song.

Annie said...

Good Morning Darling!
You are moving to my area!! How exciting :)
I live in MN and work downtown Minneapolis!

nikki.francek said...

Yay Minneapolis. I will be so so excited WHEN you are here. SO excited. Gus Gus dates once again!!!!!!

Daune said...

Hi! Grabbed your button for my website and am looking forward to keeping up with you...keep doing what you're doing...lovin' Jesus, that is and following your dreams...before you have children and then you incorporate them into the picture...that's when the REAL ADVENTURE begins!!!
(Oh, I hope you like cold weather in Minne! If you change your mind, San Antonio, Tx is much warmer, year round!)
God bless.
daune, pronounced Dawn


Loved the song. Loved it. Thanks for that.

Mrs. C said...

Hi Gussy!

Love you blog and all your craftiness.

Ha! We were married on the same day! My hubby and I got married on 6/7/08!!

Mrs. C said...

Oh p.s. good luck on moving :)

Lexilooo said...

just saw your blog from someone else's and thought I'd say hi- that song is amazing, it gave me goosebumps too! I'm sure I'll stop by again :)