Thursday, August 6, 2009

{new products: accessory/sunglasses cases}

There's nothing quite like getting back into the swing of things after taking a few days off from sewing. I've missed my sweet 'lil machine. If you read my last post you know where I was. If not, you'll have to stay tuned to figure that one out ;) Anyways, I feel like today is Monday. However, it is Thursday... and that means tomorrow is Friday AND THEN IT'S THE WEEKEND :) How awesome is that?! I'm pretty excited. So while today was really Thursday I worked extra hard and accomplished many 'oh things.


Like what?

Oh, take a look:

Eight -new- accessory/sunglasses cases

some have buttons for a dash of sass.
all have zippers.

all have ruffles.
all are fun.

four have been listed to my etsy shop
four are going somewhere else.

more details on that later ;)


slate gray with yellow ruffle

lively floral with yellow ruffle

purple floral with hot pink ruffle

blue with orange ruffle


A few things to look forward to:

- the launch of a new website. It's possible it has something to do with GUSSY products
- a new giveaway that starts Monday. More details to come :)
two giveaways that end this week. Will you win?!


Ashley said...

I love the blue with orange!

Nikki said...


<4 (<5?)

preppyinnewengland said...

Very cute cases. Love the fabrics!

Mrs. C said...

LOVE these!

I'm going to have to buy one!