Thursday, August 6, 2009

{my red stamp & Barbie stickers}

My two nephews play
with a lot of the same toys that my brother, Matt, and I used to play with when we were kids. I have known this fun fact for about three years now, ever since Collin was about 18-months-old. Now that Jack is nearing 18-months, some of the toys that are geared for his age-group are out for play. Again ;)

My parents have brought out the Duplos, the vintage 1980's Fisher Price play house, some of our favorite children's books. {So you don't die of curiosity, my favorite book is Goodnight Moon.}

Slowly, I have noticed the marks of ownership on our childhood toys. Some books have my brothers name written in them; some have just mine. Some have his name scratched out and my name written over top in a much larger, bolder print.

Surely this isn't the doings of younger sister Maggie.


However, as I engaged in some pretty serious play-time at my parents these last few days I noticed there is one book in particular I went a little overboard on. It looks like this:

Not only did I write my brother's name after my name, but I also included our cousin Taylor's name. Apparently there was some sort of club/group thing.

Please tell me you saw the MAGGIE stamp. It's red.

Do you see it?

What I want to know is what my parents were thinking, leaving me alone with a pen and a red stamp?! Hey Mom, bet you didn't know I used that stamp on things other than note paper?

{Then again, you probably did know...}

It's always been the joke that not only was I born talking, but I came with my first purse. Kind of funny, right? ;)

My parents were probably enjoying their eight minutes of silence as I scribbled my name all over the book, and every other family member present at the time of the book signing.

Then, later on, I noticed something else. Another toy marked by Maggie.

The 1980's Fisher Price play house that my 16-month-old nephew absolutely adores has been covered in Barbie stickers. Have a look for yourself:

You may have a hard time distinguishing what Barbie is wearing, but rest assure every sticker shows her as Workout Barbie, circa 1990, when crimped hair and Spandex ruled the world. Thank goodness that stuff didn't make it into our home. Well, at least the crimped part...

My, oh my. I wonder what other toys I refurbished...


Anonymous said...

LMAO, You scribbled his name out and wrote yours over?! Classic little sister move! Love it.

Molly Lou Gifts said...

LOVE THIS!!!! What a great little trip down memory lane. My sister and I had the name stamps too and now that my minis are in to all the fun "old" toys at my parents, those stamps and markings have made many appearances.

ZWhit said...

LoL. That's my girl.

Megs said...

'goodnight moon' was my favorite book as a child too!! joel actually had that book in mind when he came up with the name 'goodnight house.' :)

cery cute, nostalgic post. i love the barbyfied playhouse! hehehe

Anonymous said...

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