Wednesday, August 5, 2009

{a taste of what's to come}

Like I mentioned before
, there are many giveaways lined up for August and September. I posted just a few weeks ago that I'm interested in offering more GUSSY giveaways and it took .47 seconds for so many of you to respond! It was amazing. Please, if you're interesting in hosting a giveaway, contact me! I'd love to chat :)

Back to this giveaway talk ;) Maybe you're curious as to what is going to be offered these next few weeks? Ohhh, let me tell you! ;) In no particular order you could win:

  • This zipped pouch:

  • This coin purse:

As the giveaways near I'll be posting more information on my blog. There is also a section just below my blog header {on the right side} with GUSSY + Etsy shop news. Please be sure to check there for the latest & greatest information.

I know this post is a little short, especially compared to what I've done in the past, but I have to keep it simple some times. No one wants a GUSSY overload ;)

Anyways, in conclusion please visit this website. It is all things hilarious. LOL! I'll share a few favorite pics so you're sure to see what tickled my fancy when I first saw the website:

Don't forget to read the captions under the pictures, too. They're so funny, they will make your tummy ache!

In conclusion, take 2: Last night I read my nephew Collin a bedtime story. When we were done, Zack called. Perfect timing. Collin & Zack talked for a few minutes, then Zack asked, What are you doing, buddy?

Collin replied with, I'm reading books with your honey.

He sure is a keeper.

Both of them ;)


Anonymous said...

Aren't you and Zack going to be taking a fancy picture like that soon? Have a good day.

Sunshine Mama said...

Those family photos ARE funny. especially the one with the cats. I like that top handbag. You do good work.