Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{some of my favs}

Throughout my {new-ish}
career as a sewer my products have slowly evolved, as I fully expected them to. And while I have occasionally shown pictures of what my work started out as, I'm not going there today. No sense in looking back, right?! ;) Today, I feel I have a solid grasp on this new found talent. Today I'm going to share some of my favorites.

Yes, some times things don't sell {like my pitiful RED HOT SALE section in my Etsy shop}, but most of the time I am right on track with my customers and their needs.

Like this wallet, for example. I originally purchased the fabric for making a set of bridal clutches. Let's just say I over purchased on the fabric {and I'll admit it was on accident}. I have made many things in this print, which is awesome because they continue to sell. Maybe this wallet has sold so many times because it has the word SASSY in the title. I'm sure that is the sole reason ;)

This zipped pouch is hardly a week old and already it's the most-commented item on the two giveaways I'm participating in. Is that positive feedback or what?! I'm so glad I paired the slate gray with the pink floral. I'm also so glad I don't have a problem coveting all the items I make. That would be a huge problem... ha ha!

A good family friend checks in on me often. She herself has a custom sewing business for all things around the home. Recently this friend had the opportunity to snag a bag full of fabric samples and so she did, snagging all things with GUSSY in mind. This ruffle came straight from the bag! I love the print on this zipped pouch. What do you think?

GUSSY loves coin purses. Or Mini-Gus's. Or small wallets. Whatever you'd like to call them :) They are great for coins, business cards, cash, credit/debit cards, coupons -- all sorts of things! I'm sad to announce I'm out of the Nature fabric I so lovingly used on so many things: clutches, wallets and coin purses. My wonderful Maid Of Honor bought me the fabric and I've stretched it as far as I can. This coin purse is one of the last items available in the Nature fabric. Snag it while it's still available.

This wallet is one of my favorites. I love the bold print and texture of the fabric along with the smoothness of the pink, fat button. It's made from unique materials. Inside is lined with lite blue fabric. I made my friend Daniella a similar wallet, made from the same yellow/gray print. She's only told me four times that she loves it.

The only thing that makes a ruffle rock even harder than a normal ruffle is a textured ruffle. The ruffle on this baby has a slight hint of tweed in it. It's perdy. I also love the contrast between the green damask and the orange. The lemon-yellow button is icing on the cake. Right, Meg? ;)

Ahhh, the famous wallet that is available FOR FREE currently. Have you entered the giveaway? If not, DO IT! It is only up for another day or two. However, if you aren't the lucky winner, don't fret. There are two of these listed in my shop. You can still snag one for yourself. And remember -- if you commented on my last giveaway, you're eligible for free shipping until August 7.

Lastly, I heart this wallet the most. I don't know if it's the fun "circus" print I've dabbed the pattern to be, or the pink shimmer button... or the funky orange ruffle. One thing is for certain. this wallet is ruffle'd up! It's my fav.

So, tell Gussy. Which item is your favorite? If you have one, be sure to snag the FREE SHIPPING offer to all those that commented on the 72%-off giveaway that ended just last week. You have until August 7 to redeem the shipping freebie. Also, giveaway one and two are still going on. *Next week I'll be able to introduce you to a new giveaway...


Anonymous said...

Some of your favs? Some of my favs@

Nikki said...

My personal fave is the amazing Gus for Work that you made me, but neglected to take pics of :(

Jenn said...

I'm still loving the new grey ones. I can't figure out how I'd use it though. If it was wallet or coin purse size, I'd snag that right up!

{kara} said...

I love that circus wallet... LOVE!