Saturday, August 1, 2009

{a thousand things to say}

just letting my true colors shine through!

happy weekend, friends :)

Aren't iMac's fun?! My friend Nikki likes me to take pictures and e-mail them to her. Like if I get a new shirt, because she wants to see it. Except whenever I get a new shirt I wear it four times a week. So true! And I don't know why I just shared that... ha ha! ;) Anyways. I think this particular picture was taken because I asked her if she had wild hair that day. She said no. Then I told her I had wild hair... OK, this is getting really weird.

I'll move on.

By the way, Nikki is my friend that lives in Minne and it's very possible we'll be joining her this month.

PS. There are two giveaways going on right now. If you haven't entered, please do so! Click here: giveaway one and two.

PSS. There are THREE giveaways coming up in August. That's right, Gussy has got some great things ahead. Prizes include a zipped pouch + (2) $20 credits towards my shop! Sounds like fun ;)

I was going to add PSSS. but I decided to just start typing in complete sentences.

Here I go.

I have had a fabulous response on my request for blogs to host a GUSSY giveaway/feature article. Thank you so much for being interested!!! That is awesome. If anyone else is interested in hosting GUSSY please look at the month of September. August is booked... quite literally, with three weeks of giveaways and moving. Go Gussy, go!


Also, as an update to the job search, we are gaining confidence that Minneapolis is the city for us. What a blessing! We're hoping Tuesday brings us good news. Please pray!


Ohhhh, Gussy. Oh, Gussy...

Yesterday during dinner I shared with Zack all the things I did while he was gone, working with his uncle in another town. I talked for probably three hours. Just kidding, it was more like 15 minutes. Or three hours.

Right Zack?


So. As I was finishing up all the things I did during the day he interrupted me, clearly baffled on something I said hours ago. I mean, minutes ago.

You were interviewed?! Huge, confused look on his face.


I tried to finish my story...
Wait, you were being interviewed?!?!

Yes babe, I was typing answers to an interview. It's not like Gus was on TV. Or YouTube... ha ha.


Later on, I went to my desk and grabbed a pile of eight sunglasses cases that I prepped earlier in the day. I showed Zack the ones I thought were cute.

Zack then replied with, I'm pretty sure they are all cute, otherwise you wouldn't have made them.

Oh, right. Good point!

{Cue studio laughter.}

OH WAIT! One more thing {don't I always say that?!?}. If you left a comment on my most recent giveaway, ya know, the one that ended at 72%-off, you have until August 7 to redeem free shipping. Message me at checkout and all refunds will be through PayPal.


Anonymous said...

Keep us updated on all things job! Good luck girl. Fingers and toes crossed.

Ashley said...

Ha! Gussy I just found you and I think you are wonderful! I would love to have a slot for a giveaway in September. Please contact me if you're interested.

Until then keep haveing a lot to say. It's very entertaining!

alyssa said...

my imac is my bff :)

Nikki said...

You were gussy interviewed or job interviewed? Either way, that rocks!!!

Wamhoffs said...

Hope everything goes well with moving, you guys should move to Texas! Very HOT, but lots of work!=) What does Zack do for a living?

Lory said...

I said a little prayer...

Your posts make me smile. Just thought you should know. ;-)

Organic Meatbag said...

gussy! You DO have a lot to say, but it's your blog, so you can say whatever you want, right? Hehehehe....oh, this is my first visit here...what a nice blog!