Saturday, August 8, 2009

{two new websites}

I'm super giddy!!! A few weeks ago I purchased my own domain and then started building my website & e-commerce shop. I have spent a lot of time up until now learning how to set up my website. It's been rough. It's been fun.

FRIENDS, it's DONE! :)
Well... at least for today. Ha ha. One of the many reasons why I chose to design it myself is so I can update it whenever I darn well please. I'm pretty excited about that part :)

So, go on now. Have a sneaky-peaky for yourself.

In addition to {finally} having my own website, I have a shop where you can purchase GUSSY products. This means you don't have to shop through Etsy. However... both sites are available to you.

And, to make my day even better, I had my first sale on my site! Whoa! I told you guys this wallet was super popular ;)

Just as a reminder, the inventory listed on my etsy shop compared to my Gussy shop will most likely be different. Ya know, for some variety ;) And, you can shop with ease knowing anything listed for sale is stocked and ready to ship.

Might I add there are a few accessory cases listed in my Gussy shop that vary from my Etsy shop? Here are some preview pictures:


have a great weekend!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That is great Gus! I am so happy for you. The new website is styling and very you. It is perfect. Can't wait to check it out more. Happy weekend sister.

Kate said...

I love your new site!!! Can't wait to do the giveaway; you'll have to keep an eye on my roadtrip recap - my Gussy clutch shows up in almost every picture!

Elizabeth James said...

LOVE the new website! I am happy that this is all going so well for you! What a blessing. :)