Sunday, August 9, 2009


This isn't going
to be your traditional post from me. I'm going to try something different. Change -- or fresh air, however you want to look at it -- can be good. With this post I want to invite any and all to e-mail me whatever they want to say. On one hand, yes, I'm looking for your suggestions and comments. On another hand, I'd just like to know what your thoughts are. I want you to feel welcome here at {Gussy has a lot to say}. I know it can be hard to write someone you don't know in real life so I want to take that fear or timidness away.

Over the last few months I've shared things that haven't been easy, like how I lost my job in February and I have no clue what God's next plan is for my life. Or, I've shared how we might be moving 10 hours from where we currently live, but again, no clue on what the plan is.

Other times I talk a very lighthearted talk. I share things that are exciting, like having my nephew Collin visit for a few days, or success with my Etsy sales. I share giveaway news, when I'm able to have coffee dates with friends. Those sort of things :)

Today, however, I invite you to tell me your thoughts. You can leave them as a comment, but I understand if you'd rather write me an e-mail. No problemo :) I'm flexible.

Maybe you think I should make more of ____. Maybe you think I shouldn't make ____ because it's not practical for you {as my readers/buyers}. Maybe you think my prices are too high. Maybe you think they are too low. Maybe you like that my mom calls me Gussy and I use that as an excuse for why I talk so, so, so much.

Maybe you have a question about ____. Maybe you have advice on sales/advertising/marketing/_____. Maybe you want to share a bible verse with me. Maybe you ________. Maybe you just need a friend to chat about ____.

Fill in the blanks.

What are your thoughts?

C'mon, show Gussy that you can be a Gussy, too :)

And, just for the record, it doesn't have to be an important or deeply thought provoking comment/e-mail. I just want to encourage you to share what is on your mind, if anything is. To open up the door, per se.

To welcome you here at {Gussy has a lot to say} :)


Anonymous said...

Well, you know I'll share! I went to the mall yesterday and saw a store filled with high end expensive purses, wallets, and bags. As I am walking along peeking in the window, in my hand lies a pink, ruffled Gussy clutch. (Complete with cupcakes lining and a sunflower button!) At that moment - I felt cooler than anyone in the fancy store could have felt.

Ashley said...

I would love love love to see you make a slouch hobo bag. I have been searching and searching etsy and everytime I find one I like it is upwards of $100. That's just too darn much for a fabric hobo if you ask me!

Kate said...

I second the slouch hobo bag! I was also kind of thinking that your clutches are the kind of thing that brides love to gift their bridesmaids.... I wonder how you could market to brides. Ohh or diaper bags for moms! I'd love to be carrying around an adorable ruffled diaper bag!

Ellena said...

Your Guzzie-ness just makes me smile, I check out your site everyday. God Bless you and keep up the good work!

Jorden and Kristin said...

i love it! your stuff makes me happy! the colors are so bright and fun and your bags are so stinkin' cute!

i am now a follower of your blog for sure and am going to send some people your way to win! :)

Magnolia said...

Hi Maggie! I was wondering if you've considered making tote bags -- I think a tote bag with one of your ruffles would be super cute. Also, what about makeup bags?

And my name is Maggie, too. :)

Mrs. C said...

Seeing all your cute stuff and seeing how you've made something of what you love to do gave me a little extra push to open my own Etsy store.

I love your stuff and think it's SOOOO cute. I really hope to buy something one day.