Thursday, August 20, 2009

{an update, a giveaway, and a SALE!!!}

Good morning, you and you and you! :)

There is a whole lot of fun + good things going on in the land of Gussy. I'll do my best to share everything that I can.

Zack and I arrived in Minneapolis early Sunday evening. While we are gone we have someone staying at our house and we are staying with a friend. It's the perfect set-up. Our friend, Nikki, has a killer apartment and the view out her living room is breath-taking. Every morning I wake up and see The Basilica of Saint Mary.

It is so nice to be on this little trip. Why? Oh, well... because it means we are thismuchcloser to finding permanent work. We are both SOOOOOO ready to be working again. Actually, I was so ready that I started working Tuesday morning!


Umm, yeah.

It is amazing :)

And we're now staying a few extra days because I have work!

Double whoa!

I am working for a downtown advertising agency and it is the best feeling ever {!!!} to be needed outside my sewing room. Now I have four entire floors of people to talk to.

Just kidding.

I have roughly 80 hours of work already, so there's no talking. Unfortunately :(

I'm so excited to be working again because it can get pretty lonely working alone all day long, day after day. Now don't you think for one second that I don't love to sew. Because I do. And I'm having a hard time being away from my sewing machine. But I found out my friend Lori has a sewing machine at her house here {near Minneapolis} and she actually is about to start a project and asked me to help, so I just might have to get my hands on it and sew up something fun.


Look at that run-on sentence.


But in all honesty, things are going very well here in this big, fun, lively city. We are having a rough start with housing. Boo. But we know God will take care of that area, too. Patience is definitely a virtue I've come close to mastering. I mean, so many things are "over" in our lives the end of August, and here I am with my hubby and friend, hanging {and working!!!} in downtown Minneapolis, working away like a Gussy that has experience in The Sweat Shop.

I wonder how Minneapolis would feel about The Sweat Shop?

I'll have you know that since I've been in Minneapolis, I've spotted a fabric shop. I haven't been inside it, but I FOUND ONE!!!

That is the first step to having the A-OK to move here.

That, and the serious fact that there is a Target every five minutes. Sometimes there are even TWO Targets within five minutes of each other.

Say it with me: Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

So, to wrap all things work-related up, life with Gussy + hubby is great! It's definitely a big adventure. We're praying my work turns into full-time, permanent work. We're praying Zack finds work and that we find a house to live in.

We're praying to find our self-worth again.

Is there anything I can pray about for you?
I welcome your e-mails and comments :)


To supplement hat I am gone from my beloved {my sewing machine} and not sewing, sewing, sewing away in The Sweat Shop, there are two things I must share with you:

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{Happy Thursday!!!}



Valerie said...

Congrats on finding some work! I hope everything works out perfectly for you!!!!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

YAY for you and Gussy hubby! That is such fantastic news. I am so thrilled for you that you are loving Minne and that you have found some work.

Continuing to send happy thoughts your way. I know the housing issue and work will find its way.

Congratulations!! :) Can't wait to hear more.

PS-Love that picture of you and Zach!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Congratulations on the new job! Good luck with the housing hunt!!

Jenn Bull said...

Glad to know it's all going so well! I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best!

Elizabeth James said...

Maggie! You're working! How awesome! I am so happy that you love it out sounds like a blessing.

Megs said...

Yay!!! I can't believe you're working so much already! That's great! Looks like Joel and I are going to have a new place to visit!!!