Friday, August 21, 2009

{hilarious embroidered hoops}

These cute little numbers make me smile. I came across these images while scrolling through a friend of a friend's blog. AND I HAVE TO SHARE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

This artist did a series on embroidered hoops and ohhh, my word. You're going to flat out laugh-out-loud. I love them. The first one is my absolute favorite :)

They make me laugh because they are just pure ridiculous-ness. None of them quite make sense. I can't devise a reason why they were made. Maybe all those points are what make them so great?! After all, my favorite thing is when I tell a story and people are left with, What was the point?

Just kidding, that's not my favorite thing. But it sure does make things more fun ;)

Anyways, check out the embroidered hoops, and share with me which one is your favorite!!!


{no she is not wearing two scrunchies}

{i have missed you. P.S. it took 10 minutes to type this.}

{mommy's going out tonight.}

{curves in all the right places.}

{i don't even have a license.}

{these pants are so tight, my bulge won't even bulge.}

{what's up, britches?}


Jessy Stark said...

Oh my word, too funny! The bulge is one of my favorites, but also the triceratops with curves in ALL the right places! Still laughing!

Jenny G said...

Oh my word...the scrunchies one? Hilarious!

ZWhit said...

"I don't even have a license"

fave fo sho