Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{all things warm. or cute.}

i know winter is coming.
maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, but one day i fear it is going to HIT ME IN THE FACE! bam.

hi winter, i'm Gussy.

so, in preparation for winter i've ordered this pair of mittens. i'm so in love. i'm going to wear them even at home {along with my colorful, knitted slipper boots}.

speaking of knitting, check out these sweet thangs. i love them. i love the green; the coiling of the yarn.

oh, my. yet another adorable item. bright colors amaze me. please visit this etsy shop for more details {and cute pillows}.

now that i have a desk {outside of my house} that i work at, i thought this clock was especially great. love all the -ish's.


sneak-peek for The Nester


nearing 150 Etsy sales...

are you wondering what's going to happen when I reach that number?

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The Nester said...

Dear Gussy Bag O'mine.

Will you marry me? Will you become my fabricy lover? I adore you. I need you!

You can read minds.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

How cute are these finds! I love your mittens! So so cozy!

dinkinflicka said...

Cute mittens! Cute warm things are the only thing that gets me through MN/WI winters!

PS I wrote about my GUSSY coin purses in my blog! http://dinkinflicka-lydia.blogspot.com/

Check ya later