Monday, September 21, 2009

{GUSSY this week...}

::this week::

.i start week #4 at work!

.i'm sewing a very special project for The Nester

.i'm sewing to restock my etsy shop

.i'm enjoying our new Ikea furniture with Hubbs {pics to come}

.i'm riding the city bus with Hubbs because HE HAS A JOB!!! and, don't laugh, we work right across the street from each other. so adorable ;)

.i'll be counting my blessings, because every day is a blessing!

.dreaming up an idea. be sure to sign up for the GUSSY newsletter -- you'll get advance notice of sales, to cut to the chase ;)

what are you doing this week?


Anonymous said...

Hubbs has a job too?! Things are looking up in MN, WAAY up! Very exciting news and wish you only they best. If you need a thing, let me know!

(And by thing I mean an email or twitter chat Ha!)

Jacky said...

Oh my goodness, IKEA furniture! Pictures please, and soon!! =)