Friday, September 18, 2009


{before work, after work, on weekends.}

we all have things we love to do for fun.

because certainly, work isn't all we do, right? ;)

some hobbies take a few hours of our time.
some are a bit of commitment. which is wonderful.

there are all sorts of things Gussy loves to do for fun.
as far back as I can remember, I've always loved to paint my fingernails.

when I was younger I joined The Babysitter's Club reading club. Yeahhhh. it was amazing.
I would get three books maybe once every two months and because I love to read so much, I'd read them all. at the same time. it drove my dad nuts ;)

a few years ago I discovered Blueberry tea. it's delish.
my friend Alissa introduced it to me.

that's my other hobby.
{more like my other love.}
i'm working on a special project this weekend for a special friend.
it involves birds and the colors cream, burnt orange and robin's egg blue.



{painting my nails.}



{drinking tea.}

::what do you love to do on your free time?::


dinkinflicka said...

I love to dance. I've never been a "dancer", but I dance any time any where.

I love to shop. I think it's the combination of creating outfits, and finding good deals that really gets me.

Being with my friends is a major hobby. I always try to surround myself with people I love.

This is a great, fun idea for a blog entry, I think I am going to copy you.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What lovely hobbies! I plan on painting my nails later this morning!

{kara} said...

Hi Dear! how are you? When I have free time, which I don't have much have with my little biz, I love to shop, go to dinner or a movie, and shop, did I say shop?

Jacky said...

I love to read. I just got Colleen Coble's "Anathema" last night...a book is typically the cause of my late nights and not enough sleep.

I love music. Playing the piano makes me happy. Listening to music makes me happy. I just wish I were a little more diligent in my practice.

And I love spending time with my sweet man. It may not be a hobby, but every chance I get, I love to be with him. =)

Anonymous said...

I like to read...take pictures...decorate, and re-decorate my home (drives my hubby CRAZY), cook, garden, hike, fish...if only I had all the free time to do these things!