Saturday, September 19, 2009

{lost & found}

one thing that has been hard about our recent move is the sewing part of my life. since i now have a leave-the-house-and-work-9-to-5:30-job, things are different 'round here. there hasn't been much time to sew. and, i haven't been to the store in over a month to purchase supplies or fabric. heck, i've hardly done a darn thing except relist and package up orders. i know, i know, sales aren't anything to whine about :)

nor is the recent blessing of the recent advertisement in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. BUT! that doesn't mean i'm not sad about certain things.

the part that is the hardest for me, and maybe why i've put off sewing, is that my photo location couldn't come with us. i feel like that is a big part of GUSSY, like i left my right arm in Michigan. how am i supposed to sew without my right arm? ;)

{meet Sentimental Gus.}

why do i feel like i left my right arm in Michigan?
because i wasn't able to pack up the big picture window at our old house.

because i couldn't take the beautiful afternoon sunlight with us.

and because i certainly couldn't take the red front door.


i mean it.

it is hard.

the page has turned; i'm on a new chapter.

kind of.

i tried taking pictures last weekend and nothing was the same. i couldn't get the lighting right, you could see the blinds in the picture, and the window was too high on the wall. next thing i knew i was in our bedroom, crying. i know that life changes from day to day, and that where God brings us today may not be where He'll bring us a year from now.

but, it's still hard.

i feel like i've lost some courage over the course of this move.
that is silly!


please tell me that is silly.

i need some time to find a new set-up for pictures. i remember looking at my Etsy shop and thinking there wasn't enough continuity. so what did i do? i re-photographed all my listings so there'd be the same five angles in every listing. call me ridiculous; i say it was a good business call!

it's been three weeks and i'm sure you're ready for some new items. actually, i'm ready for some new items! it's time for Minneapolis to meet The Sweat Shop, don't ya agree?

i have two {amazing} pieces of fabric --- solid gray and gray, red & black plaid --- to sew into wallets, clutches and zipped pouches. i know they'll be darling, perfect for the winter season. perfect for the new season.

i need to own them and make them into something new. from my new sewing room i'll take something old, make it new, photograph it in a new setting, and be just as happy as i was before.

we may have moved, but Gussy is still here!

i just found her :)


Sunshinemeg said...

Oh silly Gus, (you said to tell you you are being silly) you are homesick. That doesn't mean you left your right arm! It means that part of your heart is now stretched all the way back to MI. A stretched heart means a bigger heart! A bigger heart means you can deal with homesickness. See? The move is still fresh, your heart is still adjusting, but you will find your way and one day you will wake up and think, hey I'm home.

Christine said...

Oh I LOVE the pear fabric! Actualy, i like all the fabrics, you are realy good with colores!