Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{the apples of their eye}

look what GUSSY received in the mail:

and when I opened the magazine, look what I saw:

can you find GUSSY?!


A few months ago I was contacted to have one of my items featured in Pregnancy & Newborn. Of course I couldn't turn down the offer! I mailed that sweet little number in and then twiddled my thumbs for nearly four months while I waited for a response.

Dear God, Please have them pick my item. Love, Gussy

MY PRAYER WORKED! Errr... it was in God's plan for it to be accepted!

I almost forgot about the opportunity {hey, give me a break, we recently moved 13 hours away in just 3 days!} until a reader saw the magazine IN THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE and then proceeded to e-mail me her thoughts.

It was such a surprise!

I loved it!


Remember, you can win this coin purse. If you're interested, read this post, enter the giveaway, and then stay tuned. I'll close the giveaway one random hour on one random day and pick a winner. You have 4 opportunities to win :)


Lisa said...

Congrats, Maggie!!

Kate said...

Maggie that is awesome! You must be so excited!!!

Jacky said...

I see Gussy! How cool is that! =) I'm a tiny bit jealous of your sewing skills, by the way. Actually, more than a tiny bit. =D

Laura Trevey said...

How exciting....

Your post is up as well!!
xo Laura

daniella said...

OMG, that's so exciting!!! So cool. You should let them know of the handy dandy diaper/wipes duo pouch :-)

Allison said...

soooo cool! congrats!!

Megs said...

whoa, that is SO cool!!! good for you maggie!

Melissa G. said...

That's so exciting that your item was in the magazine! Very cool!