Monday, September 14, 2009

{It's Moooooonday!}

{update: this contest is now closed!}



Just trying to start off the week on the right foot. Isn't that what we hope and wish for when Monday rolls around?! That things go our way, we aren't late, we remember to bring our lunch to work, the day goes by fast, and alas, we can head home and relax before Tuesday comes.


That is how I like my Monday's to go.

So, how was your weekend?

Did you find a few hours to relax? I sure hope so :)

This weekend I was able to start on my big to-do list. Right now I'm working on a knitting bag for my mom {Mama Gus}. It's about 80% complete. I also realized {soon enough} that not sewing for 26 days wasn't the best idea.

But like I had any say in that, right?!


I think this whole OK-we-are-moving-to-Minneapolis-in-three-days-Ready-Set-Go! thing is still really, really exhausting. I don't know if it's because during my entire I'm-supposed-to-be-sleeping-but-I'm-really-not-sleeping sleep I argue with myself about which state I live in.

{Because some days I can't believe we live here now.}

Michigan. Minnesota. Michigan. Michigan. Minnesota. Michigan. Minnesota.



This weekend marked our second week of being in a new state with a brand new job, yet I still feel as if we just moved in.

And now I'm rambling.


And now I'm talking {typing} to myself out loud.


My sweet nephew Collin starts 4-year-old preschool today. We talked on the phone last night for a few minutes.

He greeted me with, Hi Maggie!!!!!!!!

Oh, hello Collin, am I no longer your aunt?

I could tell he was super excited about starting preschool by the number of times he laughed when I asked him about it :) So adorable.

In between laughs he found time mention that Nicholas would be in his class...

Soon after he told me, Hold on a sec.

{he sets the phone down.}

In the background I can hear, Who is on the phone? {pause} Is she still there? {pause} Well pick up the phone and talk to her please.

Hi Aunt Maggie. Yeahhh, I just talked to your dad!

It is SO HARD to not roar with laughter over the things Collin says.
My goodness! :)


Zack and I are so glad Collin was able to stay at our house for a few days this summer. I'm not sure who loved the adventure more: Collin or Aunt Maggie. Or Zack, because after all, they did grill together.

Sweet Collin.
He holds the key to my &heart;.

So fascinated with the Detroit Zoo map that he took it everywhere.


Now, for the fun part.

Want to know the real reason why it's a HAPPY MONDAY?!

Because it's...

From now until whenever I say STOP!, you have the chance to enter to win this Mini-Gus coin purse:



Entry details:
  • For one entry, you must leave a positive comment about your weekend
  • For a second entry, follow my blog and tell me you are
  • For a third entry, visit my Etsy shop and tell me which item you'd love to own
  • And, for a forth entry, follow me on twitter

Ready, set, go!

{and good luck}


Jacky said...

Oh, am I first? I wonder if that's good luck or not...

Positive thing:
I got a new stack of paper last week, so Saturday and Sunday I buckled down and created some stuff. And I really like how the cards turned out. They will hopefully be going up on my Etsy shop a little late this week!

{I LOVE that little pouch of fun! It's absolutely adorable. =)}

Anonymous said...

Hello Mags! I don't need to enter because my fabulous Gussy still comes everywhere with me. Fits all of my things perfectly and is, well... perfect! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the positive energy on a Monday. Have a great week!

Jacky said...

And I do follow your blog, strictly because your a lot of fun. =)

Jacky said...

I don't use Twitter a lot, but I am following you! I'm {petuniasays}.

Jacky said...

I stopped by the shop, and it was sooo hard to choose!! I like everything, but especially the Lovely Gus - Slate Gray Pouch with Pink Garden Ruffle (and blue button). =)

Kate said...

This weekend my husband and I took our dog for a looong walk in the park. It was awesome! Here's to hoping the work week flies by fast so we can do it again next weekend - the fall weather is beautiful!

Kate said...

I'm already a follower!

Kate said...

Oh, and I follow you on Twitter, as well (Hagen23)

Penny Williams said...

I participated in my first artists' market this weekend. The weather was gorgeous and, since we don't have a canopy yet, we got to set up under a beautiful weeping tree.

Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

Penny Williams said...

I am a follower of your blog.

Penny Williams said...

I also follow you on twitter (adhdmomma).

Penny Williams said...

I love the slate grey pouch w/pink garden ruffle...and a dozen others. They are all fun and wonderful!

Sara Lang said...

This weekend, I made the best cinnamon waffles I've ever had. I'm following your blog, and I'm following you on Twitter (@saralang). If I could own one thing, I think it would be the Lovely Gus - Slate Gray Pouch with Blue Ruffle. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Positive thing: I helped some friends with a big project in their basement and we made a lot of headway!

Ashley said...

It rained! Too me that is a postive thing.

Ashley said...

I'm a follower!

Anonymous said...

I had the first relaxing weekend in Ryan & I's new house, I didn't feel like I HAD to do anything. For the past 3 weeks, I've been running constantly doing whatever. I finally got to enjoy lazy-ing around & being a home owner :)

Laura Hoppe

Anonymous said...

I follow you on twitter.


Anonymous said...

i'd love to own "Gussy'd Up - Pink Ruffled Stripe Zipped Make-Up Bag or Diaper Organizer, Waterproof"

It's so fabulous, my make-up would love to be stored there!


Magnolia said...

positive comment:
My sister flew in from California for business, and we got to hang out yesterday and watch He's Just Not That Into You. It was so fun!

etsy item:
Shady Gus - Slate Gray with Yellow Ruffle Accessory Case

I really, really like the colors, and the size is perfect for my sunglasses.

Magnolia said...

Oh, and I don't follow any blogs because I subscribe through Google Reader... does that count? :)

Sarah said...

#2 would love Ruffle Gus - Striped Wallet with Pink Ruffle (and orange button)

dinkinflicka said...

My weekend was good because my boyfriend came to see me!

dinkinflicka said...

I am a follower! And love to read your blog!

dinkinflicka said...

I actually really want to get the coin purse that is up for grabs, because I need something cute for my school ID and keys!

Catherine said...

Hi Maggie, All your stuff is cool in your shop, too hard to choose just one thing. A positive thing about my weekend was that on Sunday I completed a 7 1/2 hour cycle training ride. Feeling pretty good about that.

Catherine said...

Oh and I follow you through Google Reader.

Beth said...

I had a great Sunday @ church. Was very inspired!

Beth said...

I am already a follower. Love your blog.

Beth said...

Lovely Gus - Organic Mum Pouch with Dirty Pink Ruffle is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

lol, despite having a tooth monstrocity this weekend -- becki and bill went to one of his co-workers' house for couples game night and i got to hang out with a potential new friend. and learned to play the drumset on rock band. whoo.

Lisa said...

Hi Maggie! We had a great weekend in Ludington with friends...the weather was fantastic, for a change...

Glad to see you are doing well!