Thursday, September 10, 2009

{26 days}

it has been over one week since we moved into our new apartment in Minneapolis.
over one week.

this new adventure of ours has really allowed us to cling to one another.
but some times it gets lonely.
being in a new city.
being so far from our family.
only knowing a few people.

until today we didn't have internet.
until today we didn't have cable television.
we still don't have normal working cell phones.

we needed a new place to house our money.
a new place to call home.
we need a new way to talk on the phone.

many phone calls with updates.
new daily routes.

all things we couldn't pack need to be new.

{or so it seems.}

these last few weeks we've totally been riding on God's wave.
we've been forced to put all trust in Him.

do you know God?
do you know that if you Let Go and Let God, God will take care of it all?

that is, by far, the number one thing I learned this year.

i know it's hard...
you can read our experience here.

i finally gave in and counted.
26 days since i had last sewn.

last night i sat down and made a few things.
tweaked a few things.
loved on my sewing machine again.

at first i was a bit nervous.
i mean, it had been almost a month since i let it sing to me.
actually, it's safe to say i put it off a few times because i was afraid.

what if these last few months have been a dream?
what if i sit down and i can't sew?
what if...

what if...

what if?!

what if i give up?

what would that look like?

i'm was more afraid to give up than to not give up.

{i hope i wrote that correctly ;) }

i remember, almost 4 weeks ago, Zack was driving us to Minneapolis and i was sitting in the car, staring out the window, staring at the beautiful view of trees and sunny, blue sky.
i was thinking up new product ideas.
ways to intertwine fall into my signature GUSSY ruffle.


so much has changed.
my sewing room is different.
my picture taking spot is different.

we rent an apartment instead of a house.
i walk or take the city bus to work.
i have a job.


our apartment is lovely. lovely kitchen, lovely bedroom, lovely living room, lovely sewing room.
lovely windows with lovely trees outside.

lovely :)

as i've already skipped around this post like a young kindergartner would on her first day of school, please, let me continue on.

my life has changed, but my life in God's book of life hasn't changed.

there is so much hope in that.

what brings you hope?

what brings a smile to your face?

i know for a fact these last months haven't brought many smiles to my face.
as sad and unGussy-like that is, it's true.

i can't stand that that is true, but it is.

i have more confidence than ever that more smiles are to come.

maybe this will bring a smile to your beautiful face?



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go on now, take a look.
i know there isn't much new to see but give Gus a break.

after all,
it's been 26 days ;)


Sunshinemeg said...

My Gussy! Can we just be honest with one another? Change stinks, doesn't it? It scared me so bad too. New cities, new ways to do things, it is A LOT TO TAKE IT. Instead of taking things one day at a time like they say to do, take things one tiny step at a time. One day can be too overwhelming. Trust me, Maggie! I know it all too well. You are doing so great. That sewing machine is something special. Know why? Because no matter where it rests, no matter what city it sits in - it still sews.

Unless of course, it got damaged in a move and then you are just out of luck...

But your not out of luck, are you?

= )

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

So glad yo uare getting settled, and were able to reconnect with your loved machine!

nikki.francek said...

So glad to have you in Minne.

Megs said...

i can't believe you're so far away now.. it's crazy how suddenly that happened.

but i am so happy that things are turning around for you guys!! i am a little jealous in a way that you guys are in a brand new city to explore, though i'm sure it is a bit overwhelming. i'm sure it's going to be an amazing new chapter in your lives! :)

love you!

p.s. wherever did you get such a brilliant sale idea? ;)