Saturday, September 12, 2009

{the weekend: etsy finds}

{see images below}


It's the weekend, friends! Time to relax, not think about work {office work, to clarify}, and definitely, definitely have a good time :) I have lots to do this weekend, but I plan on doing it on my time clock! What about you?

Anything going on?

Whatever it may be; wherever you are, I pray you have a great weekend.


Harvest Yellow Distressed Metal Industrial All In One Furniture Unit

Bird-In-Blossoms Organic Baby Onesie

Avery Personalized Stationery - Set of 10 Red

Splat Red Bamboo Modern Wall Clock

The Trams TTV 8 X 8 Print


Sunshinemeg said...

Happy weekend pal!

Jacky said...

I looove that adorable onesie, and I'd love to have some of that beautiful stationary! =)

Not too much going on this weekend...I'm actually still in my pajamas at 3:42 pm! Oh well. Sometimes a little laziness is good. =D

Katie said...

love etsy!