Friday, October 23, 2009

{4 memories of summer}

Mmmmmm. Summer days are so great! The warmth, the relaxation, the birds chirping and the adventures. Now that winter is approaching, I must find a way to keep myself warm while living in "The Frozen Tundra."

May I present to you:

Top 4 memories of summer


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream --
There is an ice-cream shop just a few blocks from my parents house. I remember riding bikes there, walking there, driving there on our way home from ______. The shop has been around forever... at least 24 years :) Now we go with my nephews, Collin & Jack. They love it and I love the memories we've made there. I could probably count on my two hands the number of times I ordered something other than Mint Chocolate Chip in a cup {please}. It's for sure my fav.

Sprayed by the Sprinkler --
When I was younger I loved playing in the sprinkler. I used to run back and forth from the pool to the sprinkler. So silly ;) I remember my dad not appreciating all the grass that brought to the pool. BUT MAN, I sure did have a good time. I loved how the first minute of sprinkler water was always piping hot. Do you remember that? Ahhh, it's so great. It went from piping hot to frigid cold. Whew,
so cold. Hose water has it's own distinct smell {and taste}... it's amazing.

Pink Banana Seat Bicycle--
I can't remember how old I was -- maybe ten -- when my dad made me a pink banana seat bicycle. I remember the can of pink spray paint and waiting, ever-so-patiently, for it to be ready to ride. The driveway at my parent's house is pretty large so it was great for riding my bike. I'm also pretty sure I remember riding on my banana seat bicycle with my brother! Tee he he :) A few years older I told my dad I wanted a pink Jeep. Oh man, I can't even imagine wanting that now! The last car I owned was an orange Saturn VUE. Definitely not pink, but definitely a great color!

Painting Rocks with Nail Polish--
Whatever, tell me you did the same thing as a kid! ;) I would gather small rocks and get my collection of nail polish. Don't worry Sunshine Meg, I don't do this anymore. But if I did, I for sure wouldn't use the polish you gave me! No way, too important of polish!!! :) Anyways. I would bring inside these rocks and show them to my parents as if they were the most amazing thing they've ever set eyes on. Because clearly they were the most amazing thing I ever set
my eyes on.

What types of memories does Summer bring to you?
I hope you'll share!


Anonymous said...

You make me smile = )

It's Friday Gussy!!!!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

How fun! I used my fingernail polish to paint the gopher tortoise's nails, name them, and let them go. Then I knew who they were when they wandered back through our yard later on. Now that's strange, isn't it? :)

Oh, and I had a bike that my dad painted sparkly orange for me with glittery things hanging from the handle fun!


nikki.francek said...

haha. frozen tundra. Wonder where that came from :P

Anonymous said...

I loved the sprinkler too! My fondest memories are of an old cabin we had at Birch Bay, WA. It was so cozy and it smelled like wood and soap inside. We stayed there every summer and had a blast swimming, riding bikes to the candy shop and arcade, digging for clams, playing with other kids, etc. We also entered the annual sand castle contest! Oh memories :)

ZWhit said...

I used to drive across the state to make out with my would-be wife. What a FOX!

Maggie Whitley said...

Umm, Zack. Not appropriate.


mandiegirl said...

Aw, you guys are cute! :) It's appropriate, Zack- you are married now. ;)

mel said...

Found your blog through fabulous k. love it! Great summer memories that you have. It still feels like summer here in Cali, it is 80 today!

Allison said...

I LOVED my banana seat bike! Mine was blue and the seat had a rainbow on it :)

Prior to that I had a Strawberry Shortcake bike complete with basket!

Oh...and I'm hosting a fun Christmas giveaway on my blog right now if you'd like to check it out!