Saturday, October 24, 2009

{a cleaning story}

UPDATE: I'm so silly. Last night I added some items from my Store to my Etsy shop. Click here, here, or here to see them.


I am so ridiculous. {Don't you even laugh.} Yesterday evening I came home from work and instantly remembered we had toilet issues that morning. Don't worry... this isn't a poop story. I don't even type that word {except I just did}. Once I was in our apartment I remembered we had water on the bathroom floor. Did maintenance come to fix it?

Ahh, yes. Yes they did. Except the rug is still wet. Ewww. And the floor is filthy. I checked the tub; Dirty-ness. Sick!

{Who checks the tub, by the way? Can I just ask that question?!}

Zack was going to be gone for the evening, and knowing me, I couldn't be at home if the bathroom was nasty-asty. It was the perfect opportunity to clean the bathroom: I was the only one home, no one would walk on the wet floors and slip, I could act like a maniac while washing the floor and no one would laugh at me.

Except I just laughed at myself... just now... ;)

Twenty minutes later I had all the bathroom linens in the wash, the shower was clean {including that dirty tub!}, the toilet was clean, the sink was clean, the mirror, the floor...


OK, now it's time to clean the rest of the apartment!



I knew I wouldn't be able to sit down and sew for the evening if the rest of the place was dirty. Just ask Zack. I have total OCD over cleaning and organization. Besides, it had been this long since I last cleaned: ________. {he he}

So I cleaned, and I watched HGTV, and I lit pretty-smelling candles, and I cleaned some more. And it was lovely, and it was good.

Ahhhhh, a clean apartment.

Since I had cleaned and laundered all that was dirty, it was time to sew. I finished these wallets last night:

I'm not telling you when I'm listing them. At least I'm not telling you today. I'm trying to be more spontaneous. So... you'll just have to wait. And be patient. Maybe find something to clean to keep them off your mind??? It's OK... I won't laugh at you :)



Sunshinemeg said...

A clean apartment and weekend? Heaven is that you?

Jenn-It'sSewSweet said...

Can't sew until you have a clean house???? I wish I had that kind of cleaning motivation! My house looks like a bomb went off when I'm in "full sewing mode." Of course, I have two rugrats contributing to the mess...

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Well, I know I laughed at your laundry loving comment before, but this one I can understand. I have a super hard time being creative in a messy space. Drives me nuts!!!! When everything is clean I feel so much better.

Love the wallets...can you just fly down here for the weekend and sew with me. I am soooo scary with the sewing machine. Maybe I'll ask you again when it's 15 degrees up there! :)


Meredith said...

I so love cleaning!! No one understands me!! HEHE!!! I especially love a clean house, just makes everything seem better!!! Love the wallets by the way!! So cute!!!