Sunday, October 25, 2009

{a hodge-podge post}

So soothing...

 look at. I love the colors of this nesting set; I love the lines that draw your eyes to the center of the bowl. I also love to be in the kitchen, making yummy things to eat. What makes cooking even more fun is to have colorful, helpful gadgets or bowls to use.

One of my favorite gadgets is our salad spinner. We love a good salad in this family! Having the lettuce rinsed, chopped, and ready to serve is super helpful when preparing dinner. Besides, Gussy talks a lot when cooking. And some times I stop cooking to talk. Is that OK?! Having the lettuce prepped saves me lots of time time! :)

What gadgets do you love?

Oh, one more gadget I just remembered. Bed Bath & Beyond has these little pods for making poached eggs. Simply spray with cooking spray, crack an egg into it, and place in a pot of boiling water. Amazing, and cute {they come in two shades of green!}. Now if I just had two more sets to keep my hubby full...


On this Sunday, I'm relaxing. I'm sewing, enjoying our Minneapolis apartment, visiting with friends. Whatever you do, I hope you can find some time to yourself before the weekend comes to a halt. Because we all know how fast Monday comes...


Recently, Zack reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. It's one I said, actually...

As a Gussy, I love to tell stories. Unfortunately, most of my stories are super random so it's easy to be confused. Most times you have to dig deep, deep in your brain to find the point. Whatever, that's how I roll :) So recently, as I told a story to Zack, instead of answering it with his thoughts he simply said this:

The best stories are the kind that leave you thinking, "What was the point?"

Hmm. Yeah, I suppose they are.

Also recently {OK, fine, it was last night}, I was putting some lipstick on. I normally don't wear lipstick, but that's not the point. The point is I was putting it on. I was just about done coloring my face when Zack handed me a mirror to use. Then I gave him a little smirk and said, Zack, I've been putting lipstick on since I was 3-years-old. I don't need a mirror.

Right Mama Gus? :)

{Tee he he.}



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Anonymous said...

My gadget of choice would be ziploc steamer bags, if you can call them a gadget. Cut up a potato, throw in broccoli for two, a little Mrs. Dash veggie seasoning, and microwave about 4 mins. Waa-lah! Perfection. It doesn't get any easier.

I like the words hodge podge too. They are fun words.

Felt I should share that = )