Monday, October 26, 2009

{a tale of five pictures}

Zack and I got married one year and 4 months ago. I have cherished my wedding bouquet ever since because it was the most beautiful bouquet I ever laid eyes on. I remember my mom, on the day of our wedding, saying, Honey, would you like to see your bouquet?

Gosh, it was gorgeous. White flowers, tons of white flowers, with a dash of orange. We had a very colorful wedding: orange, pink and green. Zack loves orange. I was so proud to carry an orange-speckled bouquet as I walked down the aisle with my dad.

As for me, I love the color green. It is my favorite! To even things out we added the most feminine color: pink. Not a blush pink, not fuchsia, but a solid, fun shade of pink.

To this day I still love our wedding colors. Through all our moves {this is our third city as a married unit}, I have babied my wedding bouquet. It's always sat on our dresser, the the vase of salt that represented our unity "candle" during the ceremony.


Zack and I are very different. He's tall, I'm short. He is patient, I can be persistent. He is loud, bursting with song in the morning, I am quiet. {I know, what a shock!}

But despite all our differences, we are so thankful for them. There have been countless times when we've told each other "thank you for being exactly who you are."

We celebrate our differences daily, because it's those differences that make us a strong and happy team.


Zack and I dated for four years by the time we got married. Four years of memories; three of them college memories.

My maid-of-honor made this frame for us. It's filled with quotes, bible verses and stories from our dating years. It is a highly-cherished gift. I didn't know it would be possible to contain four years of memories, but I'm pretty sure she did just that :)


The Nester recently talked about grouping items around the home to easily decorate an area.

Plus, you can easily re-arrange that area later. {And if you know anything about it it's that I love to rearrange. Right Mama Gus?}

Hello, I know how to group!!!

Look at this: the items on the leather ottoman, the pillows on the couch {there's also a turquoise pillow back there!}, the college textbooks under the lamp. {Uhh... didn't realize my lamp lifter-upper would be a $360 item?! Yikes.}

The point is I know how to group! Ten points for Gussy, the sewing {and grouping} girl :)


Hello, three windows.

Hello three windows in our apartment that are the only three windows in our Minneapolis apartment.


Hello patience that has forced me to be creatively-patient with photographing.

Hello :)



{coming soon}


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Pretty pictures.
I ♥ green as you will see I talked about in my post this morning AND I talked about Gussy, of course, AND I have a red couch AND I love some grouping.

mandiegirl said...

Our apartment is very window challenged, too...until December, that is...I get to move into a new one with hopefully MANY more windows, or at least better placed windows. :) Cute post!

Jenn-It'sSewSweet said...

Very sweet post...thanks for sharing! Wish I had your "grouping" skills.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Hey, at least you're getting your money's worth out of those old college books!

Jacky said...

Oh, your wedding does sound gorgeous. =D I liked all the pictures in this post. It's sweet.

I was thinking of you because I'm in the midst of a sewing project! I'm definitely going to be posting about it sometime soon. =) Although I did have a slight setback...I put the lining backwards and had to take out a seam. Oh well!

And I moved back to The Sweetest Petunia today. Yay! Last flip-flop, I promise. I did shorten the URL to Ya know, just in case you ever want to stop by. =)