Friday, October 16, 2009

{a bit of this, a bit of that}

:: soy candles with a Vintage twist ::

{click each picture to view the Etsy listing}


If you haven't guessed already, Gussy loves candles! And, what is also equally amazing is that I've gotten hubbs to love them, too ;)

Shhhh... Don't tell him.

I heart that the above candles are made from recycled jars. And cups. And little bowls. So wonderful.

Do you use candles?
How often?

I swear, I would light one for every room in apartment.

So that would be seven rooms. If you were curious.

Do you light them when you want to relax? When you need to clear the stink from your kitchen? {Not that you make your kitchen stink...}

My favorite right now is a Lavender/Cedarwood candle from CVS drugstore. It is amazing. If you live near the store I urge you to check it out and give it a whiff.

You'll love it.
It's manly and smells soooooooo good :)


We've got a couple great things going on right now.

Let Gussy tell you...

-The big Gussy Giveaway is at 131 comments! I'm so happy to include two items this time around. To enter if you haven't already, click here. Winners will be dawn Sunday night and revealed Monday morning!

-Equally exciting is that Gussy is on MckMama's giveaway blog, found here. The winner will receive $30 credit to my Etsy store. I'm not sure when this giveaway ends, so act fast!

-Remember, FREE shipping...

-Remember I love to talk and if you email me I WILL WRITE BACK! Just ask Kelly, Jacky and Meg. We've had some great recent chats.

-Went to an Etsy event last night here in Minneapolis. I met the CEO of Etsy, Maria, and received some great ideas and tips for selling.

-Also... my haircut scheduled for yesterday afternoon fell through :(
If anyone knows of a great salon in Minneapolis please share it with me.

-I must stop typing.


{happy Friday}


The Chubby Dove said...

Those candles are so sweet. I love the jars and cups they're in!

Jacky said...

I'm sure you're dying to know, but I'm listening to Christmas music right now...I know it's only October, but I couldn't resist. =)

Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE candles!! I typically burn them when I want to smell something nice. Or just because I feel like it. I love apple, vanilla, cinnamon kind of scents. I think my all time favorite is the Mulled Cider candle you can find at Walmart. It reminds me of Christmas. And I think we've already established that I loove Christmas. =)

And I found a local fabric store! I was hoping to get sewing this weekend, but I will hopefully be painting my bedroom. Maybe Monday I'll "get my sew on".

Oh, and I was super excited to see you over at MckMama's! I had seen a tweet about sending her a zipped pouch, so I was wondering if you'd show up there. =)

Okay, I'm being super chatty today, but one more thing; how do you sew around the top of something round (like a bag) if your sewing machine is inside a table?


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Love the candles. I have been thinking all week I need nice fall/winter candles.

PS. I entered to win at MckMama's...I am technically not using my Gussy yet, it is still on the mantel (sigh) being adored...though I may use it for my hot date tonight.

Anonymous said...

Yep, love candles too! I worked in a small candle "factory" for 2 years in college :) The lavender cedar combo sounds great!

Thanks for the heads up on the other giveaway--I will head over there now :)

And yes all, Gussy is so sweet! She wrote me back about my new sewing machine and offered me some good advice and encouragement :)

Happy Friday!

mandiegirl said...

I'll check out that Lavendar/Cedarwood candle this weekend. we just had a CVS open up a few months ago right down the road, and I LOVE it there! so friendly and clean with GREAT deals!

Megs said...

i found a new candle that i am obsessed with. it's from a little candle shop in dt rochester that only sells soy candles. pumpkin vanilla... absolutely scrumptious.