Saturday, October 17, 2009

{Saturday is a sewing extravaganza}

Two more days until I can reveal the winners!

This is so exciting for me. As some of you remember, the last time I offered this style of giveaway there was one winner (she received 72%-off). I remember feeling SO EXCITED over that. Can you even imagine how I feel over the current 140 comments?

{Haven't entered yet and want to? Click here!}

The way I feel is un-type-able. It's better than bliss... As of today there will be two winners. One will receive an item at 100%-off, the second will receive one item at 40%-off. Remember... in-stock items only, and the baby blankets are excluded.

Baby blankets?

Oh yes, these beauties:

I especially love the texture in this blanket:

Want to know a secret?
These blankets are knit by my mom!

{Check 'em out, they're on sale!}

So. Ahem.
The giveaway.

The giveaways, I mean.

There are so many going on and the best way to inform you always of all sales is to visit the box at the top of my blog, beneath the header and to the right just a tad.

See the section called GUSSY + Etsy shop news?

Here, it looks like this:

Be sure to read that section of my blog daily. Some times I post surprise information in there!

I have had so much extra traffic to my blog {courtesy of MckMama,
Fabulous K, and me yappin' my mouth} that I haven't sewed these pretties together... yet.

Instead, I've been blogging, emailing, and packaging orders!


And setting up custom orders.
Like a wallet with 10-12 debit/credit slots + two pockets, and a diaper bag + coordinating travel wipe case.

Both in black damask.
One is accented with a raspberry ruffle, the other with turquoise and chartreuse.

However {I love when there are howevers}...
today is Saturday and so here is what I'll be doing:

hooray :)


What are you doing today?


Jacky said...

Hey Gussy! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I know, I am SOOO excited about the necklace I won!! Erin's work is amazing. I sent her an email as soon as I read the winners post. =)

As for my plans this soon as I'm done leaving this comment, I'm going to change into some old clothes, do some serious cleaning out, and then I'll be painting for as long as it takes! Dinner Mint and Green River are going on my walls...I'll be sure to let you know when I post pictures!

So I should probably get to work now...=)

Kate said...

Hi Gussy! So excited that there are two winners so far on your giveaway! Today (Saturday) is a lazy day. I'm going to bake, make meals for the week, and pretty much blog-surf. We were going to paint but it's too wet to open the windows and hope the paint dries :-(

The Chubby Dove said...

I spent the entire morning at the doctor's office with my little man who was up all night with a 102.5 fever.

I've just eaten lunch and I think I'm gonna take me a big ole fat nap to make up for all the sleep that I lost last night.

Happy sewing! :-)

Jacky said...

And Gussy, I wanted to say thanks for being my friend. =) We need to meet in real life someday!

P.S. Paint is on the walls! Now, just waiting for it to dry...

Kelsey said...

What great giveaways and beautiful blankets!