Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{I didn't realized I had this much to say.}


Meet my friend's son, Charlie. He is approximately 9-months-old. He's super cute, loves to eat things, and {of course} is examining his mommy's Gussy wallet.

Only babies can put Gussy products in their mouths. Sorry.


Charlie wants to open his mommy's wallet and show her the inside. He thinks Gussy is so rad. He told me.


Speaking of Charlie's mommy, look what Lindsay painted for me:





My very own personalized GUSSY artwork. It's for my sewing room. LINDSAY IS THE COOLEST! This piece was painted with color suggestions only. And a bird. But that is it! She totally surprised me, totally made me fall in love with it at one glance.

Ahhh... I want to bring it everywhere I go. I love it. 

Lindsay Girl -- you rock!

{read Lindsay's blog!}

Almost a month ago I emailed someone special and together we worked out a groovy deal. More details to come ;)

I had her pick some of my fabrics...

And then I sewed them into this gorgeous, GORGEOUS laptop bag:



 I totally want it for myself. I LOVE IT! I've been super mega blessed to not have to fight with myself to give away my Gussy products. I think of the 200+ items I've made I've kept 3 things? Maybe 5? Five is the max! I love them all so much, and in order to "keep" them I just  make more :)


OK! Gussy intercession. Some of you know I've been working out. This is week #2 for me. I've kicked up the length and intensity of my workouts and so far, so good :) 

However, {sigh...} this morning I was a little crabby. I think using the word "grumpy" while writing a blog post the night before made me be Mrs. Grumpy in the morning.

Yes, that is my excuse.

I reallllllly didn't want to get up to work out at 6:15 am, and so I stomped and huffed and puffed around our apartment. See? Gussy is a real person. Lindsay says it helped me to burn more calories. I think Hubbs has different opinion ;)

Time for more photos!!! 

Here is a another custom order I finished recently. A diaper bag + travel diaper/wipe case for a mom-to-be:




 OK, last story ;)

Yesterday I used some vacation hours and walked myself to the bus stop earlier than usual. I came home, opened all the windows, turned on some music, and scribbled off the following items from my to-do list:

-photograph diaper bag/wipe case custom order

-photograph Lindsay's painting

-sew M's laptop bag

-photograph M's laptop bag

-sew a Shady Gus case
-repeat previous item

-work on a custom order for B

-oil my sewing machine

-go to the fabric store and purchase more materials for more custom orders {they end Nov. 14 -- this Saturday!!!}

-package up 7 orders and bring to the Mailman.


 YEOW! I love super productive days. 
:) They make Gussy happy.


Good day.



Jacky said...

That painting is AMAZING! I love it. The little birdie is so cute.

And all these custom orders are making me jealous! They're all so fabulous...

P.S. I am NOT a morning person. At all. I totally understand the grumpiness. :)

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I am sure Charlie's first word is going to be "Gussy".

♥ love ♥ love ♥ all this Gussy...but I haven't seen a Gussy I didn't love.

I am so glad you love your GussyBird!

Mia said...

I LOVE the painting! Lindsay did an AWESOME job!! What a great combination of talented artists!

Teri said...

Love the artwork...going to her shop to check out goodies!

You have outdone yourself on the diaper bag and travel case...thank you so much! I truly love them!

Kate said...

Love it all - esp. the diaper bag :-) I should be getting up early to work out, but my body says "no way, I need sleep".... so sleep I do. It's my part time mall job that kills me. Oh well, it'll be over soon!

Meredith said...

I love the diaper bag and wipe holder!!! I hope someday soon I will be able to have you make me one!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work my friend. You are making some spectacular stuff. That painting from your friend is magnificant! That will be great for the sewing area!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

That diaper bag and wipe case are so, so, soooo cute!!

This girl said...

I am in love with the diaper bag, but I have no diaper bearing creature in the immediate future. ;)