Monday, November 9, 2009

{It's Mooooonday}

I bet some of you don't like me right now. It's Monday and you want to be grumpy and frumpy -- not happy and excited, and certainly not a day you want to look forward to. But with all the giveaways and fun weekend updates here on Gussy has a lot to say, how can you be anything but these things? ;)

Alright, let's just get down to business. I'll try to please those that want something to drool over, as well as those that want their info.

OK -- first on my agenda is the winner of the {Featured Artist: EnglishMuffinShop}.

That would be Miss Trish. She commented about her obsession, I mean love, for white lights over the holiday season. So Trish, send me an e-mail and I'll connect you with Bess. 

Maybe Trish would be interested in asking us what WE want on our printable custom holiday gift tags and card set? That way we can all share... Sound good? :)


You could say I hooked up with The Sweat Shop over the weekend. Finished up two custom orders; they'll be on their way shortly! 








  Thanks Andrea and Erin!


 Over the weekend I also photographed these two little zipped accessory pouches. They are 6" x 3" and are now listed in my shop.



 {sew cute!}



  • Have you heard? {5 days...}
  • Custom Orders end Saturday, November 14
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Anonymous said...

I love the new pink ruffle. Very sassy! Happy week Mags!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Good MORNING sunshine. Such great sweat, I mean work. I love damask. Doesn't everyone?

Melissa G. said...

Oh, that flowery fabric is super cute!

Jacky said...

Mmm, I loove that bag! So very cute. And wow, only 5 days? I remember when it was 18 days! It went by fast! ;)

Oh, and in 5 days? I'll be celebrating my first "blogiversary". :)

Kate said...

I love that damask bag! One day I'm totally going to hit you up for a custom ruffle-icious diaper bag. And I want it to look exactly like the cute little pouches you posted today. That print fabric is adorable!

Bess said...

Oooo! Congrats Miss Trish - can't wait to hear from you :)

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Love everything!!

Trish said...

Yay!! I love, love, love those snowman tags!! :)

And ummm, I'd like to share, but, well...