Monday, November 2, 2009

{a whole lotta info!}

I know it's Monday morning, and I know you all are waiting ever-so-patiently to see who won this pouch:

I'll be a nice Gussy and tell you that it was Sara Broers at All in an Iowa Mom's Day! Hooray :) Big cheers to Sara! Contact me, you lucky woman, with your mailing address!


Also on today's agenda: {12 days...} I'd like to rub in your face that many items arrived over the weekend... all relating to the big {12 day} countdown. That's all I can say!

Oh, and that I'm NOT pregnant. Sorry if any of you were really thinking that. Trust me, there is no BabyGussy news here. Nope!

Finished up some custom orders yesterday. Yippe-yi-yo. Or however/whatever the phrase is ;) Here are some teaser pictures of what you could be ordering. REMEMBER: Custom orders also end November 14 -- which is coincidentally in 12 days. But just assure that is not the same as this {12 days...} ;)


I also added this item to my etsy shop:

And finally, I've got one last thing to share. Please enjoy this "conversation" via Twitter regarding the Gussy giveaway. Absolute hilarious-ness... Absolutely why I love being Gussy :)

I tweeted this, not expecting any responses:

Then I received this:

Then Julie wrote this:

And Heather responded with:

So tee-he-he'd and wrote this back:


Ohhhh, and also this weekend I made Hubby a b/w houndstooth pouch for his MacBook cords. He is in love with it. I'm pretty sure he's going to sleep with it. Just kidding. Anyways, hehe, look at how cute it is with the Shady Gus accessory pouches:

Maybe your man wants a zipped pouch for his manly man man things?!


HAPPY MONDAY, friends!


Jacky said...

I LOVE the black/white and raspberry pouch! So cute. I'm disappointed I didn't win the pouch, but I'll keep trying! ;D

That Twitter conversation cracked me up, too! They are so funny. :)

Peach Rainbow said...

Congrats Sara!

Sunshinemeg said...

Tons of info! Love it! I also love that everytime I stop by this little blog of yours, it makes me smile. You didn't even say anything that funny (well, you are always kind of funny because you talk so much)but maybe it's just all the pretty fabric and colors? I don't know what it is, but now I am rambling on and I should be working away. Must go!

*And I meant that you talk so much in a good way. Like your awesome because you talk alot and I talk a lot too...

I should just go.

. Becca . said...

lovin' the houndstooth, gus!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

: ) I can't believe Julie or I didn't win!! LOL! I love the houndstooth on the one you made for your hubby! I'm trying to justify buying some Gussy for myself.....not like I have 13,000 bags or anything.

Sara A Broers said...

Thanks so much! I'm so excited that I won! Made my day.