Thursday, December 17, 2009

{banner update, this + that}

Has anyone noticed something new on my blog + Etsy shop? After much discussion I learned I needed to showcase more of my products in my banners. Spent an hour or so working on it yesterday and it's officially Gussy-approved :)

I am defintely going to miss my Gussies while we are away for the upcoming Holidays. The last time I had a little {errr, big} sewing break we were moving to Minneapolis. Believe it was 20-some days without sewing? Sheesh, seemed like for-ev-er!

What is new with y'all? Are you getting ready for Christmas and New Years? Anyone have awesome plans? We do! We are going to be visiting our families, whom we haven't seen in about 4 months. Yeow! :) So very excited to see my two little nephews, along with everyone else. It's just that these 'lil guys change so much so fast. I hope I haven't missed out on too much.

It's now been a whole day with my new desk. Hah. Still love it. No, you can't have it. And she can't have it, either :)

I've had plenty of requests for Gussy stockings in my Etsy shop and now I'm so kicking myself for not having any extra sewn up. Remind me in the fall and I'll take a poll to see if I should make a few and mark "for sale". THEY ARE SO CUTE :)

Here, take another sneaky peek:

Don't you just want to touch those ruffles?! I talked with Mama Gus a few days ago. Updated her that my Heather Bailey fabrics have come in. She said, Do you just want to touch them?!

Ahh, a woman with a mind like mine ;)


Meredith said...

I like the new banner!!! Nice update!

SoBella Creations said...

I like the new banner. I really need to do the same thing. My name doesn't say hair accessories.

Jacky said...

I do like your headers a lot--very nice for showcasing all the Gussy goodness. Of course, now I'm wishing I had Photoshop so I could make myself a new one...Although I don't even have a camera currently. I think my little sis is getting tired of me borrowing hers. ;)

Plans for the holidays? Nothing too exciting. But I'm glad we aren't traveling. I hate being gone for Christmas and my birthday (which happen to be the same day). I'm super excited about Christmas, and it's in only 8 days! Yikes!

Meg said...

The banner looks lovely, just lovely! Even though it may be hard for you to stay away from your sewing machine (and your fab new desk) it sounds like a needed rest is in order! You need to get rested up for the New Year and all of the new Gussy orders that will be rolling in! Holiday plans in my household...geeeeezzzz where to start, unfortunatly there is allot of divorce in my family so we have to go just about everywhere, everyday, but I just SMILE! 2 of my 3 children have to go to their fathers house the day after Christmas (you should read my blog post "Lucky in Love" for more info), so that makes my heart a little sad. But it is my baby's first Christmas, so that makes my heart happy...needless to say, my heart is a confused one this Holiday Season! I am excited about my New Year because I am starting on my "New" creative journey, starting with private knitting lessons tomorrow that my hubby and kids got me for Christmas, so excited!! I will teach myself the rest, just like you did! Well, I am just rambling away arean't I, Gussy has that affect on me I guess!! Have a wonderful Holiday and a safe trip to see your family!